What it's like to Read a Wiki

I went to |the welcome page for Wiki c2.com, and I found it very intimidating to read because of the enormous number of hyperlinks. Am I obligated or expected to follow every link? Which ones should I choose? I feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Looking at the Starting Points page seemed a bit overwhelming. I think it's more of a Table of Contents or a reference manual that I will return to as I try to get deeper in to the Wiki. It doesn't look like reading material to browse through - but maybe more task driven.

Reading on the Meatball stuff, I find it a taxing mental exercise to read on these pages. My mind wants to skip over the hyperlinks. My mind wants to skim over all of the material, actually because it seems fractured and fragmented - not a constant narrative, and my mind is struggling to focus and keep up with making meaning of the text. I skip some hyperlinks, but my eye is drawn to others. I went immediately to Public Art, thinking, this sounds interesting. When I get there, the page feels like more of the same.

Reading |Writing with Strangers, I kept running into deadends when clicking the links. See question 5.

You Never Know What You're Going to Find

Things I Think I Like About Wikis


  1. Am I supposed to follow every link when reading a document?
  2. When writing on the Wiki, do I use Wiki Words and if so, will that automatically link to the page I was looking at, or does it create a whole new page with that same name?
  3. Why didn't I know about the wiki before?
  4. In the page Why Wiki Works, it's said that the Wiki allows for more freedom and brings back the opportunities to create without the restrictions imposed on us by a designer (Facebook and other social media were referenced as being dictatorial in that way). This is very compelling, but my question is, What does this mean? How does this work? I am reading page after page about the rules of the Wiki... it's not feeling too liberating thus far.
  5. What do deadends at the end of a link mean? I got the message, "this page has not yet been created." Does this mean one of the writers or the owner of the page thought it would make an interesting extension to the page but has not had the time to add content yet? Or does it mean the links are broken? Or does it mean the content has been deleted?
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