What It Means

When a user refactors a page, they edit it in a way that is polite and in the best interest of the page. This ReFactoringprocess happens when a page is altered in a way that improves the overall look and structure of the page. When EditingPages, the person that does so, always signs it when ReFactoring.

Why To Exercise This

According to Wikipedia ReFactoringis done for a number of reasons, but most importantly, it makes a page easier to read by clarifying the content.
It also purges any content that does not pertain to or distracts from the topic at hand. Through this process, a user can also move material, which in turn, ends up not being seen on the page, but rather archived. In a sense, the refactoring process is like copy editing, because the original content of the writer remains similar to the original work.

Types of Refactoring

1. Non-contentious cleanup: Fixing spelling, grammar, indentation, headings, and other formatting issues on a page. This is very similar to proofreading a page to ensure its high quality.
2. Restructuring: During this process, a user needs to be cautious to not alter content too much, so the meaning isn't changed. Ways of restructuring are moving comments and adding new sections.
3. Pruning text: The original author must allow for the pruning to take place. It involves removing, hiding, and moving certain texts.

Tools And Techniques

1. Deletion: Only the original author or someone with permission should do this.
2. Strike-outs: When used, text will still be partially visible and saved and will be found when searched for.
3. Moving text off-page: Moving content to a different page if necessary.
4. Hidden divs, collapsible tables, and templates: These prevent text from being edited again.

Refactoring pages creates a very collaborative atmosphere amongst members of the Wiki. In other venues of writing, there is likely a TargetedAudience, while in the Wiki setting, the focus is AudienceAsFamily. When working on the Wiki it's crucial to remember that OurAudience has the ability to ReFactor and edit pages as they wish.

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