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=====Project Proposal=====
====Politics and Current Events Blog====
[[ Myblog]]

==== Executive description ====
I will write and maintain a blog on politics and current events. A blog is a very simple method for creating my own publication space where I can work on my professional writing.

==== Narrative ====
I would like to create and run a weekly series that delves deeper into contemporary political issues and tries to cover the turbulent political landscape we live in. I believe the best way to accomplish this would be in the form of a blog. I want to use a blog for this rather than a wiki because I believe it will be easier to publish the information while adding figures and outside sources. I plan to post weekly blog entries on different topics every week. In these larger blog posts, I will try to address an issue from both sides and raise counter-arguments against my own points. I will also post 2 smaller blog posts, about 500 words, reacting to a news story of the day.

For me, this project will both help improve my professional writing skills as well as time management. The larger blog posts will hel
For others, this blog will hopefully help keep a concise record of current political events because peoples memories are short and things are easily forgotten by the next big scandal.

==== Weekly Reports ====
Weekly reports will be posted at [[ Weekly Reviews]]

==== Contract for Grade ====
250 (A) One weekly post around 1000 words and links to a minimum of 5 external sources, 2 shorter posts with 1 linked source.
150 (B) One weekly post around 1000 words and links to a minimum of 3 external sources, 1 shorter post with 1 linked source,
100 (C) One weekly post around 750 words and links to a minimum of 3 external sources.
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