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Project Writeup for What is on the Shelf?

Histroy of the project:


When I started What is on the shelf I hoped that it would be a combination topic driven and filter blog centered around music, movies, and books. I wanted the blog to include posts, critiques, links, videos, playlists, and sources for and of new, current, and classic forms of the three topics. Since the blog that I started as an assignment in WeblogsAndWikis was already leaning towards these subjects, I figured that this would be a good fit for to as a blog.

What I really wanted to create was a blog that would be pertinent or interesting to viewers - delievering posts that, while steeped in my personal opnions and feelings towards the topic being written about, the viewers of the blog could find information that could help inwhat ever matter they were interested in.

General progress of project:

Throughout the project, I found a couple of things evovling and progressing.

One is that I found myself writing in what I am calling "subject fits". I would blog for numerous posts on one subject. First, it was movies, then to playsand books, music, and once again back to movies

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