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==== Title of Project ====
Mein Wunderkammer

==== Website for Project and My Email ====
[[ Mein Wunderkammer]]

==== Executive description ====
By using a separate blog to host this project, I can provide a different look to the interesting parts of the internet and relate academic readings to them. A blog will work best for this because sometimes informal writing is necessary for the subject at hand, and I want to re-arrange my "wunderkammer" myself.

==== Narrative ====
With my blog, I intend to document what exactly interests me about the internet. I can research the reasons why some people can't get enough of browsing online. I will find others who share this fascination of all things online. I will get into why I believe that social media is just Life 2.0, a natural (evolutionary?) step in the growth of our society.
I will start by
- setting up the ever-evolving home page.
- Develop a section on the history of the "wunderkammer". People started these things to satisfy their own curiosity and that of others as well as put their wealth and power on display. Since I'm not wealthy, or powerful, I'm just going to collect what I can.
- Post at least once a day about an item or website that is truly interesting and store it in my "collection".
- I will develop a section of people that have an online presence that fascinate me.
I am going to rely on our readings from class as well as MICHEL FOUCAULT's [[ Of Other Spaces]]. I will also be reading from the works of Jean Baudrillard, including his [[ Simulacra and Simulations]] .

I will create and develop an online "wunderkammer" (cabinet of curiosities). I believe that a blog would be better suited for this project because I can call the shots in how it is formatted. Much like the curiosity cabinets of old, I can also be the sole person to decide what goes in or comes out, what gets prominently displayed, and what it will be about.

==== Weekly Reports ====
I will post to my blog [[ William J. Heinecke]]

==== Contract for Grade ====

I will be contracting for 250 points. I believe this level of involvement is achievable, since I am online already. I will post at least once a day a "curiosity" with a description of what it is and why it is interesting to me or to others. I will also post to my blog [[ William J. Heinecke]] about my progress and the ways that different reading from the class relate to what I am doing. I will do these longer posts at least three times a week, minimum 500 words, by midnight on Monday (Tuesday morning). By having a plan like this, I'm hoping for this to become a hub for people seeking to find the most interesting parts of the internet.
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