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Executive Description:

I will research and document bands/artists/collectives (from all eras of modern music) who have either been forgotten or completely ignored by the masses in an unpretentious, approachable fashion via my preexisting class blog. My two main reasons for doing this are 1.) to help anyone who visits my blog to break the habit of listening to the same five songs over and over again, and 2.) to personally further my knowledge of music that has flown or still flies under the radar.


Each day (Monday through Friday), I will write an encyclopedic entry about one particular band/artist/collective. This entry will include three specific sections:

1. General information (who, what, when, etc).
2. Interesting fact (most forgotten musicians have very interesting life stories)
3. Recommended listening (a YouTube video that contains a particular song which best identifies the musician).

My method of research will be scholarly (meaning, I'm not just going to use Wikipedia articles [although, I do intend on using the references]). I will cite my sources as if I'm writing a research paper (and I will make sure not to unintentionally infringe on copyrights while utilizing YouTube). Also: Though I am a music nerd, I do not at all plan on only using my preexisting knowledge to complete this project. Instead, I will only use it as a jumping-off point. I am well aware that the ocean of music out there is immense, deep, and largely unexplored by the majority of everyday people (including myself).

As I previously stated, I'm going to complete this project via my preexisting blog. This kind of thing could also work on a wiki, or even on a social networking site such as Facebook (there's a page I was a part of at one point in time called "What Are You Listening To?"--in which anyone can post a song or album and tell the rest of the group why they are listening to this particular thing). However, I don't really intend on making this interactive--or, at least not interactive in that kind of way. I very much want people to go out and do their own research and understand how exciting it is to break the cycle and take a chance on something new. However, I don't want my list to become everyone's list--if that makes sense. I want my list to remain intact, so that I can look back (after a time) and see my own progress as a listener.

I also plan on using my blog to present the final report. I will create a new category for weekly reports (regarding this project specifically), and post it there when it's time. I feel that I can use videos and links as highlights and create a 'condensed' version of the entire thing to present to the rest of the class. Aesthetic is important when it comes to visual presentations--and wikis (though they are very useful in many ways) would not really do this project justice.

Project Contract:

I will strive to earn all 250 points for this project. Though I have promised to post one entry a day, I very well may post two or three. There is so much music out there, there isn't really a word that describes the vastness. And don't forget, though all of this music is 'out there', a lot of it is buried beneath time and Lady Gaga and every Rolling Stone article ever written. Some of this stuff is going to be pretty difficult to dig up. I also plan on linking extensively--being that I want to compliment my source-citing with links to the actual articles/sites where I found the information.
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