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Over the following five weeks I will be writing a fantasy fiction blog composed of a collage of stories revolving around the lives of several main characters. The blog will be composed of two or three (rather lengthy aiming at 800-1000 words each) fictional posts and two to three shorter research posts with a weekly reflection every Sunday. I will be writing in blog in order to use all of its creative compatibilities utilizing images, links, pages, and comments in hopes to potentially use this material to write a novel once the project is finished outside of class.


I am going to start a fantasy fiction blog using several main characters to write at least two or three fictional posts during the week. Then I will have at least two research posts. The research posts will do several different things, one is they might link and reach out to other bloggers and how they are using blogs to write fictional stories. One of the research blogs could be a review of outside reading material, movies, or online material of the same genre. The research blogs will help me incorporate new ideas into my own writing and hopefully generate commentary on my own posts for further feedback. Also, research material may come from what the class books have to say about fiction blogs or elsewhere on the internet to help tie in other practices or insights that would be beneficial for this blog. In total there will be at least two to three fictional posts and two to three research posts along with a final weekly reflection on Sundays. I am hoping to be posting daily as the project continues but I will allow at least one day of no posting.

In my blogroll will be the bloggers who I have found most helpful in my research. I will base my blogs theme after my usual 'dusk to dawn' appearance in order to keep all my blogs somewhat the same. I will add an 'About' page that describes what the goal of this blog will be so new comers can get an idea of what the blog is about along with a little background of myself as a writer. I will also incorporate a fluid "Character Profile" page in order to keep my characters straight for my readers but also for myself. This might be a single page to start with at first but will grow into multiple pages as needed.

As I research and continue writing I will view other blogs that are of the same genre of fantasy fiction. By seeing how others work I can adapt their workflow ideas into my own. I see my blog being very fluid and transforming into different levels of narrative. I will begin with an introductory post about one main character and her family. From there the story will start but not be chronological. This organizational method will form more of a 'collage' style format where any story can be read on it's own. This will encourage readership since anyone can jump in and read posts without having to start at the very beginning. Since this is a fiction blog the question of how the narrative arrived on a blog in the first place is a problem. In order to retain a sense of realisticness I will address the problem creatively once the story line progresses in a way that connects the world of the story to our real world.

I will also be using photos as illustrations for my work but also as writing prompts. These images will either be from Microsoft clipart edited on photo editors to fit my needs, or my own photography. I aim at gaining experience as a fictional blogger and then potentially, outside of class once the project is over, turn these 'write ins' into a potential young adult novel. My project will be an example for others who are interested in fictional blogging to see the process of how a fiction blog begins and grows into something publishable as a novel.

For the class presentation I will likely show a couple posts of fictional content that displays the creative aspects of weblogs but also those that resonated with other bloggers and why they worked. I will also show blogs that I have found most useful in my research and talk about how they helped my blog in their different ways. I will also address the difficulties I found in the project and the faults found writing creative content on blogs if I run into any.


My weekly reports will be made here which is my class blog due before midnight on Sunday.
These reports will be linked to from my fiction blog as author notes so any readers I manage to acquire can look into my thinking process as well outside of research based or creative material. In the report I will reflect on my insights and troubles during the week and document how things are progressing.


I aim at a 250 pt. contract. I am going to challenge myself to do this although I know it will take a lot of self-discipline on my part. My fiction posts I predict will be lengthy (800-1000 words.) The two research posts I predict being shorter but being full of rich material to adapt into my own writing content which will be shown what examples I utilized in my reports. I will have at least 4-5 posts on this blog during the week as well as the reflection post on my class blog for a total of at least 5-6 posts. This looks daunting but I know it is necessary since I will only become a stronger writer by doing this project and practicing in the field of writing with the medium of blogs.

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