Title of project

Remodeling the Original Wiki

Your email address and URL for the project

Email: Richard.Case@bemidjistate.edu
Project URL: http://remodeling-the-original-wiki.wikidot.com/

Executive description

In a wiki, hosted by Wikidot, I will be writing about the development of Ward Cunningham's wiki in order to inform wiki users of this processes. A wiki is most acceptable for this project since I can tie information about the wiki I am using with the remodeled wiki Cunningham is developing.


I aim to inform those who use wikis of the design of the original wiki and its remodeling process at a technical level. As I develop this, I hope to learn about Ward Cunningham's initial implementation of the wiki, and the methods of mitigation he developed to improve his original design. Using a wiki would be most appropriate for this information since it will share only objective information and will carry a formal tone. In using a wiki I can also compare Ward Cunningham's revisions with the wiki I will be using for this project.

The project will need to cover social issues, such as CunninghamsLaw, in order to understand why these mitigations needed to be made. I will gather these issues and explain how the revisions made to the original wiki helps to limit or prevent the problems generated by these social issues.

For my research I will study the explanations Cunningham provided as to why he needed to close his wiki. From those explanations I will research the topics they cover through studies, papers, other wikis with the same issues, and lectures if possible. I will also be able to look into the code that is commuted to mitigating these issues since Cunningham's wiki is open source. I will translate the code I find of use to this project so that it is easy to understand the abstract ideas it is implementing, and I will give an overall summary of each feature the code implements. This will be done in a way that is beneficial to those who may be developing their own wikis, and to those who use wikis but do not understand code.

I plan on hosting this project on Wikidot since it is also an open source wiki. Similar to this wiki, I do not need to run my own server, and it is easy to create new pages. This will let me see what practices are currently in place to avoid abuse and how it relates to Cunningham's methods. This also allows me to link new content I create to better organize the project. The site also makes it easy to view revisions on pages which makes it easy to see what content is mine and how the project progresses over time. I can also roll back any changes that were made in case the project goes in the wrong direction.

My wiki essay will consist of the social and technical issues involved in requiring Cunningham to revise his original design, and it will also include the redesigning process itself. This project will focus more on the redesigning process, but will use the reasons for redesign as a background for the information I find. I am hoping to learn more about the backbone of wiki systems in place today. From my current understanding there are many sources for this information and there is much to learn.

Weekly Reports

I will be blogging my weekly reports for this project. This blog will be located here.

Contract for Grade

The wiki I plan to write will be linked to many subtopics that will branch out even further by about 5-10 nodes each. Each page will remain focused to its own topic, but they will remain related to the main topic. That is not to say that these pages will not become deeply linked. I imagine this project will involve creating many new pages, but I will add content around three days per week either adding content to these new pages or revising old ones. Due to the level of information, I expect the most relevant pages to be between 700-1200 words each. Some minor nodes may be added that could be as little as 200 words, but I intend to write at least 5 pages of these a week if I do not contribute to a larger one. Given these guidelines, I will be contracting for 250 points.
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