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Mr. E's Monsterous Wiki, Online Marketing, and Learning Disorders


Executive description


I plan on building a wiki that is mostly an explecopedia

Weekly Reports

I plan to report weekly on my blog about what I have done that week to further the wiki/marketing/readings. Each weekly reflection/report should average 250 words and have links to anything interesting accomplished elsewhere.

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 250 points. To earn these points I plan to add 2 new wiki pages per week, 3-4 of these wiki pages will be an exploration of how social media/internet technologies can impact people with dyslexia and related disorders. The wiki at the finish point of this project should be well organized, have 45 pages, a full index, and several contributors. On the marketing end, I plan on at least 1 share on Facebook or other social media site per week, and 1 weekly blog entry to reflect upon it (this will be part of the weekly report).

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