Mr. E's Monsterous Wiki, Online Marketing, and Learning Disorders


Executive description

I plan to create a wiki encyclopedia for my son's Monsterous art. Along with the encyclopedia, there will be a discussion of dyslexia and how the creative collaboration of wikis may be beneficial to the dyslexic brain.


Mr. E is a 12-year-old with severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, and a mood disorder. He has spent every day since kindergarten drawing monsters. His art is known for its simplicity and humor. In December of 2017, he worked with his uncle and put together a coloring book. This book sold out of its first 2 printings and is now for sale in Of course, this was just a small collection of his monsters. His grandparents collect some of their favorite monsters, and there are no lack of them floating around our home.

So I propose to build a wiki that is largely an encyclopedia for my son's monsters. I hope to play off the interactive creativity that the wiki provides and invite all to contribute their ideas of the life of these monsters, add their colored pictures and even their own art. T0 do this I have set up a wiki for his monster's on a website that hosts fanbase wikis. I hope Mr. E will grow many fans, and that they will happily share with us their colored monsters, ideas and what worked for them in their learning challenges. Other pages on this wiki will be to explore and expostulate on how those with dyslexia can make the web their own. I am hoping I can synthesize wikis ability for creative collaboration with the talents and/deficits of the dyslexic brain.

Along with the wiki, I wish to explore online (free/shoestring) marketing for Mr. E's Monsterous Art. I want to see what styles of social media posts generate interest in the wiki or coloring book. What engages fans? How can I spread the word without breaking the bank? Due to the experimental nature of the marking, my grade will not be tied to the success of the campaign, but to the descriptions of the efforts and its results.

My project report will be the final weekly report, detailing what was experienced, learned and accomplished during the duration of this project. The Wiki will also be given a walking tour (by links) during this examination to highlight the most interesting pages.

My Readings

I plan to start my reading with these articles (and will add more as I read them)

Weekly Reports

I plan to report weekly on my blog about what I have done that week to further the wiki/marketing/readings. Each weekly reflection/report should average 250 words or more and have links to anything interesting accomplished elsewhere.

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 250 points. To earn these points I plan to add 2 new wiki pages per week, 2-4 of these wiki pages will be an exploration of how social media/internet technologies can impact people with dyslexia and related disorders. The wiki at the finish point of this project should be well organized, have 45 pages, a full index, and several contributors. On the marketing end, I plan on at least 1 share on Facebook or other social media site per week, and 1 weekly blog entry to reflect upon it (this will be part of the weekly report).

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