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In this project, I'm going to be filling the wiki for the Age of Fire series of books to the best of my ability using the resources of the wikia website, such as links and images. I'm doing this to give fans of a the series a reliable and easy to use database for the series.


The Age of Fire series of fantasy books is an under-appreciated one, both in my mind and in the minds of others, as evidenced by the state of its wiki. At merely 45 pages for six books worth of content, it's very poorly maintained. Red links abound, and much of the lore is lost.

What I intend to do is make an account on the wiki and bring it up to code. Essentially, I'll be going over the pages that already exist (which are almost entirely book summaries, main characters, and sparse details about primary locations) and making sure they're factually and grammatically correct, and then going through the wiki, and essentially trying to stamp out every red link I see in as much detail as possible.

As I said, lots of the main content is already there and seems to be mostly correct from the skimming I did, so editing these pages won't take too long. I'll of course have to import the books from home and check my facts against them, but other than that, they shouldn't be a problem.

Next, I'll start the task of writing, organizing, and publishing the red-link pages. This will take longer, since this is a process of creating the entire page instead of checking over what's already written. This will involve extensive research into the books for some pages such as those for historical locations in the story, as these pages are primarily lore. For the character pages, I'll probably stick to a formula of sections such as biography, appearance and significance in the books, and relationships between characters if applicable. The ultimate goal of all this is to produce a wiki that has reliable, accurate, and easy to peruse information for anyone looking to fact-check something in the story.

I don't think I'll be using images, as the only images I've seen that are related to the story are the book covers, not counting fan art. I'll check to see if there are any illustrations I'm not aware of and if it turns out there are a significant amount of quality images for a character, I might make a gallery section.

For my report, I imagine I'll post a summary of my activities on the blog. Maybe put up a couple of before and after pictures of some pages from the wiki.

Weekly Reports

Contract for Grade

A (250 points)

As I said, there is a lot of space to fill here, and I believe I can consistently update, link, and create pages until the semester ends.
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