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Social Media & My Writing Process

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Executive Description

On a separate blog, I will discuss how social media affects my writing processes. To do this, I will post screenshots of previous experiences and post new ideas and development updates as a way to get reactions and critiques.


As a creative and professional writer, I like to (and often have to) talk to others to get their opinions on my ideas. One way I do this, especially if I want to ask someone who I don't see that often (family members, friends from high school, etc.), is to post my idea to social media.

For this project, I'm going to explain over a blog how posting to social media can and does affect my writing processes. This will include screenshots of previous posts I've made, my reactions to them, and even posting a few more ideas for people to react to. My blog will be open for people to reply to, and even offer a few ideas of their own for me to react to (if they want). Another part of my blog would probably include posts/screenshots of posts that have their own prompts and ideas for a story. I'd talk about what caught my attention, what I might change, whether I'd make it my own idea or keep it as is and just give credit to the OP.

I'd start by finding my older posts where I ask my friends and followers what they think or what I should write about. I'll take a screenshot of it and the comments/reactions to it. Following it will be my reaction, and the end result, aka what I ended up writing about.

Future posts will be a mix of screenshots of new ideas that I've found over various social media sites and just regular posts on new ideas that popped into my head. For the second type of post, I'd talk about how this idea came into my head, what I was doing that inspired my idea, how I might develop it further. Not all of the posts will be about new ideas; some will be about further developing a previous world/idea, some might even be an excerpt that I wrote for said idea - something for people to get a glimpse into what I'm creating, and another thing for people to critique. I'd screenshot those reactions as well and make a post about those reactions.

Weekly Reports

I'll put my weekly reports up on my first WordPress blog on Sunday (most likely nights), under Project Updates. I'll try to write a minimum of 450-500 words. These updates will cover what I did over the past week and plans for the week ahead.

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 150 points, or a B.
To meet this contract, I will post 3 to 4 times a week, with each post ranging from 350-500 words. Some will have pictures, mostly screenshots.
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