Project Proposal: Healthy Cooking 101


Using my blog, I will provide tips, resources, and recipe ideas that will expand the reader’s and my own view and knowledge of healthy cooking. A blog is a good medium for this project as it allows for a clear representation of the information I will be providing with the capacity to post pictures and videos.


Through this project I hope to educate potential readers through 3-4 weekly posts all centered on ways in which we can make meals and snacks healthier. By doing this I hope to increase not only the readers’ but my own knowledge on healthy cooking in order to promote healthier lifestyles. Knowledge on this subject is becoming more and more important as our country continues to have a high rate of overweight and obese citizens. A crucial step on a path for recovery in regards to this issue is to have the necessary information on ways anybody can make a positive difference. This project will be providing information on healthy cooking; one way in which people can make a positive difference in their overall health.

My plan accomplishes these things is to present tips on healthy food substitutions, methods and skills needed to cook with healthier ingredients, and whatever other healthy tips I stumble across week to week; present resources such as other blogs, magazines, or books that may further assist my audience on how to cook healthier, and provide recipes that are used to exemplify how these tips and outside resources can be useful. I will present these tips, resources, and recipes within 4 different categories

Throughout my posts will be images, and videos, that will allow my audience with a visual aid to clarify the tips, and entice them to try my recipes.

I plan on using categories to group my posts and make them easier for my audience to find and sift through, and use tags to entice new readers to check out my blog.

Weekly Reports Url


I plan to do the necessary work to receive maximum points with this assignment including posting 3- 4 posts a week. With at least 2 posts being around the 500- 750 word range.


I plan to present my project talking about my project with the help of a powerpoint explaining what I learned, what worked well, what I would do differently, an overview of what I did etc.
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