Title of Project:

Ms. Grandstrand’s Thoughts

Executive Description:

Because the news is nothing if it doesn’t affect someone, I am creating a blog featuring an opinionated commentary about current events. A blog by definition is the perfect vessel for smart writing reflecting the personality of the author.


As a journalist, we’re taught to play off of others work sometimes. News Station A aired a story about this, so as Newspaper B, we need to dig deeper, have a more in depth look at an issue. As a journalist, I would like to keep a blog about the news, posting stories along with my own commentary. It would be a place for me to spew my opinion on the world. We’re taught to keep our opinions out of our stories, but that doesn’t mean they should go unheard. DallasMorningViews is a blog written by members of the staff at The Dallas Morning News. It features their opinions about the stories in their paper.

This would be a blog in Blood’s truest sense. I will start by finding articles in the New York Times that interest me. Then I plan to find the article online so I could link to it and copy and paste quotes. I will also find articles from other sources on the same topic, creating links and pulling quotes from them as well.

The commentary would contain my previous knowledge of the subject (if any) and my opinion. If the article is about a subject I have not yet formed an opinion about I will try to develop one as I write, thrashing out my thoughts and feelings, letting the world see how I develop my personal viewpoint.

In the beginning I won’t be searching out anything in particular, just what interests me. I might develop a focus as the project goes on, or the common theme might remain the New York Times. As Rebecca Blood found, her blog began to have a focus, even though she didn’t plan it that way. As we have learned by reading Blood and studying others, blogs tend to thrive when they are left to their own devices, to grow on their own, rather than choking them into a narrow theme. I wish to let my blog develop, rather than narrowly define it right away. Not that blogs that have a narrow focus can’t thrive The Neighborhood Retail Alliance is an anti-Walmart pro mom and pop organization with a blog based out of New York City. They have content dating back two years.

I will create a new space for my project blog, keeping the ascetics more professional than the blog I created for class (i.e. no pink). I will include links to the other journalism blogs from the class, along with the interesting blogs from The Times and other news blogs I stubble across.

My project report will hopefully be a posting on my blog examining the trials and tribulations of not only keeping up with current events, but also telling the world how you feel. When one exposes their true feeling they and become vulnerable in a whole new way. A blog is left open for comments, and others who have passionate feelings oposite of mine will let them be known. I hope to examine the way comments are left (if any), by whom, and what issues seem to strike the most interest. We share our opinions for others to agree and disagree, and part of the experiment with this project is to see if what kind (if any) of response I receive.

Contract for Grade:

I plan to comment on at least one story each weekday, with allowances for skipped days here or there, and posting about a story from the previous day’s paper as well as the current days. If I end up following a continuing story (which will most likely happen) I will add links back to my previous entries, so a reader can follow along in reverse chronological order. I will shoot for approximately 500 words each day. Preferably each commentary will focus on one article, but if I have to do two 250-word commentaries about different stories, so be it. By our meeting after spring break I will have hopefully found a common theme, or decidedly not have a specific topic. I am contracting for 750 points.


By March 26th I hope to have 16 to 20 posts
By April 23rd I hope to have 32 to 40 posts
By April 30th I hope to have 36 to 44 posts
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