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Teaching Sentence Diagramming For Beginners

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I will be creating a project of materials on a wiki that will help aid in the understanding of diagramming sentences. The project will include resources, links, personal accounts, and other information that may help students and teachers better understand the process of diagramming sentences.


I will be creating a wiki about how to diagram sentences. On main page, there will be general information about what sentence diagramming is. Some linked pages will address the complications I found on my own and through the experience of teaching students how to diagram sentences. The writing will not only tell one how to diagram a sentence, but how to teach it and how to learn it.

Many students, and teachers, who never learned how to diagram sentences are intimidated by the process and think it's too difficult. This page will be informative, but also casual because personal experiences will be used. The idea is to make diagramming sentences simple and uncomplicated by providing sources and teaching experiences through links. By creating a casual, informative space, one can learn how to correctly diagram sentences, and how to teach sentence diagramming.

For the section of my page that will appeal to teachers, there will be exercises and lessons that worked for me and my students. There will also be exercises and lessons that didn't work for me and my students. I will also include pictures of anything necessary like notes, exercises, quizzes, tests, etc. There will also be a section for students with useful tips and information and resources. I will also have a personal journal section that will talk about my own experiences with learning and teaching for the first time.

First, I will do some research on the topic of diagramming sentences. Who started it? Why? Etc. I will then start with what I have taught my students up until this point that may be helping them with diagramming sentences now. Then, as I teach myself(because I never learned how to do this) and my students I will post about what I do and what's working for them and what's not working.

There are plenty of resources including blogs, wikis, and websites that have information about diagramming sentences. I will be linking and even using some of the information. If I do use a resource from the web, it will be linked to this page for access.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports will be done on kaiteedoublee https://kaiteedoublee.wordpress.com/

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 150 points. I am going to create a wiki that will have resources and first hand accounts of teaching and learning how to diagram sentences. I will be updating my wiki weekly with various links that will be information from my own teaching and learning. I will also be updating about resources and other information I have found to aid in the teaching and learning of diagramming sentences.

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