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Executive description

The Kite Runner wiki will be a public space where I can disseminate student-created content. It will be a resource for students, current and future, looking for material to enhance their understanding of Khaled Hosseini's novel The Kite Runner.


This wiki will be used to collect and disseminate material relevant to The Kite Runner (and though I will have material for Tess of the d'Urbervilles as well, it will not take center stage as very few of my students chose this option). While this wiki will be primarily a personal wiki space so I can collect resources and student-created content, I will invite my students to edit and contribute and I will set the access so it is completely open to the public to view and edit. By the end of the semester, the wiki will offer a collection of materials that future classes can utilize and build upon. I also want the site to be a definitive source for the novel, The Kite Runner, as there is not currently an over-abundance of comprehensive resources online.

I signed up for a pbwiki account awhile ago, but I had no idea how to implement it. Since learning about wikis, I've been anxious to dive into creating a student collaboration project. I teach two sections of land-based ENGL 1102, and the students are already working in groups for discussing the two novels; five times during the term, they meet to discuss a section of the novel and to create a study guide of sorts for themselves, future ENGL 1102 students, and non-MSCTC students. On February 19th, I decided the wiki will serve as a place for me to collect and disseminate the material between the two sections of 1102 and I started forming ideas for the space. Because I had not previously thought of the wikis application for this course, I have been collecting the group work in more traditional forms (handwritten work and, more recently, a Word document recording the groups' answers). My work study has typed up most of the handwritten responses, which I will move all this existing content to the wiki and invite students to edit any typos. There are at least three more dates when my student groups will discuss the novel further. My hope is that next time, they can add the material directly to the wiki themselves. I decided to use a wiki instead of a blog because my students are already using blogs as a place to journal their reactions to the stories they read, and I do not need a linear format for this project. I want them to see others' work, make connections and explore. My overall hope is that they are able to draw upon the wiki instead of cheat-house essay sites as they write about the novel at the end of the term.

Before this semester began, I searched for material related to The Kite Runner and did not find much. When I search now, I found a couple of wikis on the same topic but none are as comprehensive as I hope mine turns out to be:
I plan to keep the format that I started: elements of the novel will be set up as different pages or nodes. Each page will have the contributions from each group. Each node will be presented in threaded mode.

The project report will be an assessment of the successes and failures of the wiki as well as plans for implementing the project in upcoming sections of ENGL 1102.

Outside Readings

I will look for other academic wikis that focus on a particular collaborative project (as opposed to offering a whole course via the wiki). I will also refer to readings in our textbook (Wikis for Dummies), and [ WikiPatterns] by Stewart Mader. Other articles that will help me better define what can/should change about the site, the collaborative method, and/or reveal more potential uses for the space include the following sites:

Contract for Grade

I will have a minimum of sixteen pages or nodes. The content the students generate really determines the length and frequency, but I envision each page will have content from several different groups. I will add material from groups two to three times a week.

750 pts (B) due to perceived time limitations and the because I do not know how the students will embrace yet another technological tool for this class.


Monday and Weds, Mar 31 and April 2. I will have posted all the material from the first two group encounters. This will include the setting, motifs, plot, characters and other basic elements from page 1-165 in the novel.

Monday, 21 April. I will have posted, or had my students post, material up to the end of the novel. I will also have engaged in some linking between pages and elements.

Friday, 25 April - 7 May. My wiki will contain 16 pages of material from various groups. It will contain links for navigation and connections between ideas.
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