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A Workshop Wiki: A Working Example of Lesson Plans in Wiki

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I will create a new wiki. I am still waiting on advice from the technology team at the school district I work for on which platform would be best to use. As soon as I choose a platform, I will add the URL.

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I am going to create a working example of lesson plans in wiki so I am able to make an informed decision about whether or not using this platform will be functional and reliable. By creating an actual working wiki in this project, I will be able to test it out for myself and put it out there for other educators to refer to.


I will create a wiki for a workshop style classroom. Well-developed lesson plans will be included on the nodes linked to references about best practices for the lessons provided, if applicable. I want to create a thoroughly developed wiki of lessons I used to teach writing so I can see if it will be feasible to use in my classroom in the future. I also want to create this wiki so it will be available for other educators new to this technology platform to gain knowledge of a wiki on how it can be set-up for use in the classroom.

I am going to organize my wiki based on the lessons I taught in my writer's workshop class in 2014-2015. I will choose six lessons and develop nodes for each of the lessons. I will create links to outside sources when appropriate for research projects, for examples of types of writing, etc. I will include explanations of how to teach each lesson, the daily objective for each lesson, links to state standards when possible, and hopefully some images of examples of writings/charts/surveys. I want to use my own lesson plans rather than beg, borrow, and steal others' plans because this will be very relevant to me and much more useful in knowing whether or not a wiki is a viable option for my future classes. By creating a wiki of my own, I will have something that I can develop and refactor as necessary. Others are welcome to use and adapt my lessons if they like what they see. Hopefully they won't do too much refactoring on my page so it makes it unusable for me, but I am putting my faith in the WikiCommunity to stick to the GoldenRulesOfWiki.

I will post a weekly reflection on my progress, thoughts and ideas about the project, how the process is working or not working, and other "stuff" I feel relevant to my project on my personal blog site on WordPress. My final project report will be an organized, linked, focused blog post as well that will summarize the previous weekly postings and give an overview of the functionality I believe wiki will provide in my future lesson planning.

Weekly Reports

JP's Blog

Contract for Grade

I am going to contract for 150 points (B) due to the fact that I am not sure how many words my wiki nodes will end up being. I hope to be able to include some research behind best practices of the lesson plans I design, but I am not confident I will be able to include as much research as I hope to. I will be developing the wiki at least 3 times per week, including links to online material when appropriate, creating at least two new nodes per week, and staying focused on the lesson plans I create. I will post to my blog weekly a reflection of how the project is going and links to what I have developed.
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