Title Of project

Development and Extras: The Chapter Book

Executive Description

A wiki will help with me to stay organized and provide easy access to relative story notes with its linear format. It will provide a plain and navigatable area so as to focus on the writing and stories as opposed to the flashiness or difficulties of the site.


I hope to use this wiki to help me organize important details, such as character bios and descriptions, for my own personal use. I’ll post each chronological chapter to date, which I think I will so as to give readers the necessary tools with which to help develop certain out takes. The out takes are bits of scenes that currently have no place in my story. I want to post these as well and give readers complete rain over them. I want to see where my mere ideas and what ifs, can lead the inspiration of others. I'd like to see where others take them. Over all I want to get some things laid out in black and white for my own reference, get reader responses on the over all plot of my story through a discussion and suggestion section, get some help on abandoned scenes, and hopefully run into some nice grammar Nazis along the way.

I will start of with a main page, which will host the following links;
Author information
Story chapters
Character descriptions/biographies (this will include a character relations map)
Orphaned scenes
Story synopsis (where I want it to go)
Discussions and Suggestions

The Author information page will just give a mini bio of me and how I started the story

The chapters section will have a link to each chapter with chapter title and number. These can be edited in minor ways, but I will request people post comments or suggestions instead of slashing through them or making major changes directly in the text.

The character page will have a link to all of the major and heavily supporting characters with a list of un important or scarcely mentioned ones,

The orphaned scenes section will have links to bits and bites of things I’m toying with and want to include but that are incomplete or imperfect, too short, or don’t seem to fit. These are 100% for other people to add to and re edit, or add new sections here all together.

Story synopsis will give a very brief overview of every major event in the story so far, but the story being unfinished, I will at the end have another link going to a page where I will discuss where I’m thinking of having this story go or different ideas I entertain as this project proceeds.

The Discussion and Suggestion section will be the place where I will both ask questions of those passing through, like “I need help with this” or “what the heck should I do here?” and they can in turn ask things like “WTF does this mean?” or “This part here is a huge plot hole” if it spans more than one chapter and thus would not quite fit in the chapters section. I’m hoping to get a discussion of the story going in here over all.

I think it’s quite clear as to why the wiki will work better for my project that a blog would. This is not about timing or dated entries at all. There should be no chronology to this project, and it is not about linking out. I want people to be able to edit the work I post and add to it. I want corrections to be able to be made. I also think that the wiki's format will provide a really well organized layout.

I plan on starting up a community fairly quickly. I'll start by putting up bullitens and notes on both my MySpace page and Facebookpage. I will also be asking my friends to link to it. I will also be making an announcment in my two writing classes about the wiki. In addition I know I have some friend who are asking to participate, and I've asked my place of employment to allow me to post a flyer about it.

In my project report I want to review mostly the developments written in the Orphaned scenes section and how it will affect the story as a whole. I plan on working further through out the project with what happens in this section and i want it to be the main part of my presentation. I would also like to include the Discussion/problems section, and then over view how it has helped me progress in the project as well as any form of community it may develop. However, should a community not develop, and should participation remain too low for this to be the focus of my report, I will instead concentrate on how the lay out of facts and chapters has affected my story to date.

Contract for grade

I am aiming for an A with 1000 pts. I want to wine and dine my wiki late into the night. I would not be surprised however if my bed time comes early and I end up around 750 with a B. I will aim high though, and I believe fully that I can achieve it. I plan on adding to the Wiki at least three times a week with larger up dates, and some bi-daily tinkering. I believe I will have upwards of 25 seperate nodes I create myself.


* Monday, 26 March. Mid-term. I plan to have all of the finished chapters up, as well as the character descriptions, author information, orphaned scenes should have 2 to 3 scenes in it and the discussion page should be up and with traffic.
* Monday, 23 April. At this point I will have the characters Bios up and have essentially taken any comments on story pieces and have them taken into considerations and have corrections made. I will also have taken the work in the orphaned scenes section from thread mode into document mode(AKA: do some major quilting.)
* Monday, 30 April. We start presentations. Any unfinished quilting or work will have it's loose ends tied up at this point. I will have done an over all evaluation of the communities responses and contributions as well as my own. I will have my presentation prepared and, though I doubt this story will be done for many years, It should have two complete feet to stand on while it waits for it's head.
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