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Contact Information

Email: eric.sorenson3@live.bemidjistate.edu
Wordpress Site: https://esorenson1.wordpress.com/

Executive description

Minnesota Outdoor Reflection is a seven-week-long project with a goal of sharing and exploring topics that are important to Minnesota's sportsmen and women. Weekly blog posts will inform and engage readers by presenting interesting Minnesota-based stories that influence those who have a deep passion for the diverse outdoor opportunities that Minnesota has to offer.


Over the course of the next seven weeks, I would like to explore some of the important issues facing Minnesota's outdoorsmen and women in terms of the fish and game they pursue and places they explore along the way. Minnesota is a beautiful state with a wide variety of people, scenery, and places, all with their own unique story to tell. I would like to share these stories with others, while interjecting my own personal thoughts and feelings about those stories in ways that add depth and unique perspective for those interested in Minnesota's outdoor culture.

I intend to browse a variety of sources dealing with Minnesota's hunting, fishing, and outdoor culture each week. Specifically, I plan on browsing news articles from Minnesota Outdoor News and Minnesota Conservation Volunteer that present new, interesting, or important issues facing Minnesota's outdoor enthusiasts and sharing my unique perspective on those articles. Other online and print sources will also be included at times. By using my own personal WordPress blog to organize my thoughts, my entries will be easily searchable based on category. For example, posts involving environmental policy will be organized under an "Environment" category. New laws and regulations will be filed under "Laws and Regulations". Hunting and fishing stories will be categorized under their respective names. Miscellaneous posts will be organized based on topic as the need arises.

Each week I will select at least three articles from the aforementioned sources to share with my readers. I will read, research, and organize my own thoughts of the article into a blog post that weaves together fact and opinion, while still leaving enough room for the reader to formulate their own thoughts about that particular issue and how it affects them. I hope to use my blog posts as a way to educate readers about topics that are important to outdoor enthusiasts living in, or have a connection with, the state of Minnesota. However, I hope to share insights and stories that readers from other states may find interesting as well.

Engagement will be a central theme in my project. My hope is that other readers will find my writing interesting and relevant to their lives. Posts will be written in a way that encourages reader participation by being relatively open-ended. While I will not hesitate to offer my own opinion on for example, a new Minnesota fishing law, readers with different opinions will be welcome to agree, disagree, or present their own perspective in the comment section of each post. In the end, I hope to both teach and learn from those who are as interested in the endless outdoor possibilities that Minnesota has to offer.

The articles I reference each week will depend upon what stories I feel are important to share. However, I will do my best to share a wide variety of topics from diverse sources in order to appeal to more readers. For example, not everyone is interested in reading about fishing, therefore I will write about other outdoor Minnesota pursuits (camping for example) as well. Images pertaining to the particular topic will included in each post to reinforce the message and to make the post more enjoyable to read.

While other outdoor blogs tend to focus on things like equipment and presenting a wide range of tips and tricks relevant to the outdoor experience, I hope to use my blog to teach others about what is happening with the things that many Minnesotans care about: the lakes, the woods, the fish, and the animals. Outdoor policies, laws, and regulations will be presented and explored critically, but respectfully. As mentioned earlier, engagement with readers will be an important aspect of the overall project.

At the conclusion of the project, I plan to report my successes, failures, and lessons-learned in one final "wrap-up" blog post that will explain what how the project went overall. I hope to be able to report on both the type and level of engagement I received during the project, and how that engagement influenced what topics I chose to post about.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports will be posted on the Blog 218 site on or before the deadline each week under the "Weekly Reflections" category.

Contract for Grade

My intention is to write at least three blog posts each week about a variety of Minnesota-focused, outdoor related topics. Each post will be approximately 500 words long and may sometimes include pictures and other media to help strengthen the entries. I will also link to other online sources when appropriate. My goal is to get a B at the end of the 7 week project.
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