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Telecaster Fanatic's Blog

Executive Description

For my project I will create a well annotated filter-type blog centered around the Fender Telecaster guitar. I will seek out information on guitars, guitar-related gear, players that use telecaster and videos or news surrounding them, modifications and examples of modified Telecasters, as well as history related to the development and success of one of the world's first and still widely used electric guitars.


I recently completed a project in which I modified a Fender Telecaster that I have owned for quite some time. In doing research for the project, I found that the Telecaster has an almost cult-like following in some guitar player circles. I became a member of a forum dedicated to the telecaster and have enjoyed finding others with the same enthusiasm for this classic instrument.

I plan on spending time researching the telecaster further (something that I enjoy doing anyway) and posting anything interesting that I find. I will begin with a focus on the subject of modification, as this is something I have researched recently and have many ideas/personal experiences to contribute. I will also post to the Telecaster discussion page forum a link to my blog, which will hopefully attract some traffic of interest, and ideally some comments.

While the end result will likely be a filter, I intend to heavily comment on my findings, giving my opinions and providing overview as to what I am linking to. I expect entries to be in the 200-500 word range, with possibly multiple entries per day to begin with. I intend to create a space that Telecaster enthusiasts can learn from, contribute to (at least indirectly through comments), and just generally enjoy.

My project report will likely be on the blog, as I feel it will be of interest to the reader, as well as make sense in that context. It will also give me a chance to bring closure to the blog, so that if I decide to not maintain it, the purpose and usefulness will remain in tact.

Contract for Grade

I intend to use the 3 hours per week that are usually devoted to this class to work on this project. My goal is to post at least 4 times a week, which leaves one posting per week to be done on my own time. I am contracting this for 750 points, while keeping in mind the possibility that it may extend itself further.


Monday, March 26- By this time the blog should be taking shape, with at least 20 posts. I hope to have attracted some traffic from the Telecaster Discussion Page forum, but this is obvously uncontrollable. Basically, I will have a good base forming, with at least 20 posts containing links to information, with 200-500 word annotations for each post.

Monday, April 23- At this point I will have added approximately 4 posts per week since the last checkpoint, basically doubling the content of the blog. Hope to have some traffic/discussion occuring at this point.

Monday, April 30- Final Presentation. I will have a blog of interest to a specialized community, with a fairly expansive network of information on the subject. Obviously it will contain my opinions and views on the material linked to, but will nonetheless provide a space of interest for those with a fondness towards the Fender Telecaster and the music it creates.
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