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I am going to make a Runescape adventure log so as to share my gaming escapades with those who may need a few pointers and for those who love the game. I'll do this on a blog because then I'll be able to add things like .gif files, podcasts, and videos to give diversity to my posts.


I am going to create a character on Runescape, an MMORPG on the internet. From this point forward, for one hour everyday, four days a week, I will record the adventures of this character, the people it meets, the changes that happen to the game (like updates and seasonal specials, Easter is coming up), the struggles the character has. Every death, troll, bot, skill level gained, how and why it was gained, will be recorded. I will talk to other players and ask them about their Runescape experience. I will act a new player would act without any money or experience. I know how to play the game but I have never gone so far as to become a member so there will be things I know very well and things I do not. I plan to write from the point of view of the character, eventually creating a story.

First, we'll start with the creation, I'll go through I couple of things every gamer might need to begin such as an energy drink, a novelty T-shirt, an actual mouse. I want to have fun with this and hopefully people will then have fun reading it. Then I'll walk through creation and briefly describe the tutorial process. This first one-hour session will encompass most of that.

Then I will begin my adventuring. I will record my quests, games, and discoveries throughout the next hour-long sessions. If, after the first few posts, I feel I need to extend the time period, I will so as the have enough to write about. This is intended to be creative as well as informative so there will be descriptive diction. I'll supplement my posts with screen shots and links to any outside sources I use like the Grand Exchange website, Runescape blogs, or How-To videos that wither work or fail for me. I'll be "giving back" by testing these other players' theories and recording what works and what doesn't. Once a week I'll try to get together with one of my higher-level friends and do some extended adventuring, incorporating a sense of camaraderie. I'll link out to their websites or Twitters whenever I can. There are shortcuts I can take throughout the game but since I'm going to be playing it from a beginners's perspective, I will not use them.

A commonality from post to post will be my ending statistics: the amount of money I have, the amount of experience gained, a map with a star where I ended the session, and what was in my inventory. (This is to get the reader familiarized with the game layout if they have never played before.) The map and inventory will be screen shots but the XP gained and the amount of gold pieces I have will be in bold.

At one point, I am going to do a podcast or two of a Runescape discussion with the veterans of the game(those who have been playing for a couple of years and are have higher skill levels) here in Bemidji. We will not only discuss Runescape but other MMORPGs (like LOTR online and League of Legends), single player games, and updates in the gaming world. This will give new players something to look forward to, old players something to connect with, and it will be an overall fun charade. Also, it will add completely new insights that aren't from me. Every player has a different experience and I plan to portray that as best I can.

I am going to have a similar organizational layout as this blog. My categories will be based on skills, quests, and any other specialties I find like the Grand Exchange or the wilderness. My posts will also be similar to this blog here. They will be longer, though.

In reference to my blogroll and what will be on my blog, I will try to connect to the Runescape Twitter feed and I will follow and link to other Runescape blogs.

For my final report I will include everything I accomplished through the blog:

Weekly Reports

I will post my weekly reports on my original Wordpress account:

Contract for Grade

Realistically, I am going for the 150 point scale. I will strive for higher and better but time-wise I'm a B. I plan to post Tuesday through Saturday with my weekly reflection on Sunday. The lengths of my posts depend on how much I do in the game but I plan on them being at a 500-word average, sometimes going above for the more exciting days. Around Easter the posts will be longer because there will be more things to do. The days I have podcasts I will also have a regular post.
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