Mapping The Blog Genre

Project URL: https://spindleofnecessity.wordpress.com/

Executive Description

In this project I will use a variety of methods to record information about specific sub genres of blogging and attempt to draw conclusions about the nature of the emerging genre of blogs. The blogging format is useful for this project because the logging aspect of dated posts appeals to note taking, as well as the ping-back aspect of blogging to assist in contacting the authors of blogs.


With this project, I hope to gain a very detailed insight into the culture of blogging. By reading a variety of blogs, I wish to collect information about the formation of blogging identities, blog layout, multi modal usage, posting frequency, and most importantly post content. I hope that this information will provide correlations and clues that will help me develop a clear idea about the tendencies of certain blogging sub genres.

Each week over the course of six weeks, I will choose a theme or subject (sub genre) to focus on. These themes may be: Art, poetry, education, news, knitting, gaming, etc. Since these no blog falls into these categories perfectly, judging the sub genre of a blog will have to rely on what the author themselves says about their blog, and by briefly (at first) examining the tendencies of blog posts. Once I've decided on a theme to focus on, I will seek out four blogs to read in detail.

I will first focus my attention on the blog layout (theme choice, sidebars, menus etc), the authors about page (if there is any) and narrative voice, taking notes on the emerging identity of the author and thematic presentation of their blog. (150+ words)

Next, I will focus on the author's use of multiple forms of media, post frequency, and category and tag usage. Taking notes on these factors will allow me to gather information about how authors choose to present and organize their content. (150+ words)

Then, I'll read the content of a set number of posts (4-5) and take notes on variety, personal life involvement, style, etc to draw conclusions about what type of material the author leans towards. Taking notes on this aspect may be most telling because post content reveals what a blog is about. (200+ words)

Each week will consist of three to four detailed blog postings about the individual blogs. These posts will essentially be notes taken on the aspects of blogging as stated above. At the end of each post, I will contact the blogger by asking questions about their choices of style and what influenced them to construct their blog the way they chose. The post following each other post will briefly address the previous blogger's answers (if there are any). Each week will end with a 1000 word essay drawing conclusions, correlations, comparisons, and any other findings about the sub genre under focus.

Some questions I will address in my 1000 word compilation posts are: How much of the author is visible in certain types of blogs? How does post variety change according to sub genre? Are there emerging stylistic trends in this sub genre?

Weekly Schedule:
Sunday: 500+ word post about individual blog
Monday: 1000 word compilation post
Tuesday: None, but potential post
Wednesday: 500+ word post about individual blog
Thursday: None planned, but potential post
Friday: 500+ word post about individual blog
Saturday: 500+ word post about individual blog


I'm contracting for an A with this project, by posting 3-4 times a week for each individual blogging sub genre I will be addressing. Each post will range from 500-750-1000 words. A fifth post with mark the end of each week, being in the ballpark of 1000 words.
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