Title of Project:

Wikis: methods and implementations in education.



Executive decision

My goal will be to break into the conversation surrounding Wikis in Education and create connections and correlations which help define the issues and projects in the education field addressed with technology. As well I will be focusing on reviewing existing programs and wikis ultimately looking to develop an understanding and ability in creating wiki programs which I myself hope to implement.


The basic service which the wiki platform can provide for an educator, in my estimation, will prove a valuable tool in effective management of students and their parents. The general principle of lightly moderated spheres for social collaboration fit well into an educational framework. This is what I expect to find upheld in the process of compiling this project. My goal will be to begin a process of defining and compiling practical examples and concepts to the topic. Both for my own interest and prospective career, and as well with the hopes that it will resemble a sort of guideline in how to effectively infuse wiki connectivity with effective teaching models.

As a general outline, I expect to structure the information flow in a way which will represent a process of self-education. Ultimately, I intend that the final composition of the wiki will reflect a process where general interest is formed into an informed opinion on the subject, providing an organic framework which may or may not be of value to another. It would then follow that sourcing and topics will begin at a very pedestrian level of general topics and methodologies. Yet at the end, the material and scope will be much more academic in its tone and tenor.

This means the first process will be to begin a page which entails a basic discussion on what wikis in teaching might look like. This will be predominately a focus on existing ideas and concepts and begin unpacking the basic elements into a usable language which will lead me towards articles of greater breadth. A site I will begin as a look into existing Education Wikis would be https://educationalwikis.wikispaces.com/Examples+of+educational+wikis, this site is a good resource describing a multitude of wiki projects currently being constructed as well as currently completed. A site like https://teaching-with-technology.wikispaces.com/Wikis+in+Education provides a broader and more general look at the various types and uses of wikis in education. While these sights do exist as an outline to wikis in teaching, I hope to find a deeper conversation on technology and education.

As well various programs exist such as Google classroom providing a platform of connection usable directly with students and course materiel. A section of this wiki will explore classroom programs which currently exist and seek answers on the effectiveness of their implementation. Finally, I would like this experience to lead into my own ability to formulate wiki concepts which apply to my own prospective field of English Secondary Education.

The methodology will be to link, cite and connect articles within clearly defined categories, such as: methodologies, conceptual articles, uses and accessibility, technologies, existing wikis, and personal applications and reactions/thoughts. As well I hope to find a number of active conversation, linking to them and linking back to the project wiki, in this enlarging the conversation beyond my own work on the wiki. This approach will provide a multitude of existing articles to work with as well as personally developed content complimentary to the topic. In doing so I can expect myself to be reading, linking, and connecting with articles multiple times a week with a variance of topic involvement and critical thought.

Weekly Report


Contract for grade

The format of reading and responding will leave me plenty of source material to explore. I expect to post 3 to 4 times in a week writing 500 words of reaction, connection, and expounding on the various topics surrounding the subject.
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