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Bible Time

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Email: andrewahanson08@gmail.com
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Executive Description

For my project, I will be reading passages from the Bible and explaining them, not only for myself to understand them better, but so others can learn as well. This project will take place on my current WordPress weblog so that people can comment, but not change my writing.


With this project, I will create a blog to help me and other to understand Bible verses. I will be reading Bible verses from many different chapters of the Bible. I am using WordPress to blog my content because I want people to be able to comment, but not change what I have written. The aim of the blog will be to help me and others to understand the verses and even apply them to their lives if they choose. I hope to learn more through this process, and will write how I have grown through the process as well. My own experience in what the verses mean and how they have affected me will be in the blog as well.

I will also be linking to videos and articles that help me to explain why the passage means what it does, and I will give summaries at the ends of the blogs so the reader can understand the overview of what was explained. There are many great speakers and websites that I can use to aid me in my explanations.

For the process, I will pick 3 verses or passages to read through from a chapter. Each week will have a different chapter from which I will make 3 posts from the 3 verses. Each post has it's own verse. Second, I will express my initial thoughts on the verse for that post. Then, after researching and linking to different ideas, I will explain what the verse means. Finally, I will summarize the explanation in a paragraph or so. This will be done for each verse and post. Three posts a week from the chosen chapter will be posted to the blog.

The topics for each week will be shown on the blogroll on the right side of my weblog. Each blogroll link will have have the topic name and then what post number it will be. Example: Matthew Post 1. Then the second post will be: Matthew Post 2. This will organize the posts so the readers know what they are clicking on.

Readings and Topics

I will have a topic or passage 3 times a week from a chapter in the Bible. I am not going to pick each verse I plan to use in the list below, but just the chapter or topic. When the time comes to write about the topic or chapter, I will pick specific verses to write about. These are also just ideas, so I might add others in my blog.
Topics or Chapters:
I will do a wiki essay for my Final Project Report just to summarize everything that I did, and then finally give a few paragraphs on how it affected me personally. I basically will just be explaining what I did to the class and why. I hope to add to my knowledge and get other students interested in the topics.

Weekly Reports

I will have a weekly report most likely posted every Thursday for my weekly reflection.
Weekly Reports WordPress Page

Contract for Grade

I am contracting for 250 points (A). I will post 3 times a week. Each post will be 500-1000 words each. I want to challenge myself to give good content and not just fluff with this, too. I am giving myself the freedom to post whenever, however it must be 3 times a week. I plan to add and edit the blog however many times it needs editing. I work the best by doing everything all at once, so I might do a post in a day, but it could take me multiple hours.
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