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Title of Project

Alternative Fashion Wiki

Email Address and URL

Wiki URL:

Executive Description

I will create and develop an Alternative Fashion wiki, providing information on the Steampunk, Mori, Gothic Victorian, and Lolita aesthetics. I believe a wiki would help to do this because it will enable me to compile and present information in the forms of text, images, and links, as well as collaborate with others, and it will be used as a resource for anybody who is interested in learning more about those fashion styles.


With my Alternative Fashion wiki, I intend to provide information about alternative fashion, specifically the Steampunk, Lolita, Gothic Victorian, and Mori aesthetics. I would also like to grow the wiki beyond fashion to include all aspects of these alternative lifestyles, such as literature and music, and may include wiki pages about those topics as well. In creating this wiki, I would like to achieve having an extensive collection of information about these aspects of alternative fashion. I would like to find out whether others will share in growing the wiki and, if so, I would like to know the kind of information others would add and hopefully expand my current knowledge on the subject.

As I will be discussing four distinct and yet at times related fashion styles, I will cover one type each week. For the first week, I will cover the Mori aesthetic. First, I will provide an overview of the style and discuss what makes "Mori" and what does not. Next, I will provide examples of the style through photos. Then, I will compile a list of links to outside resources, such as relevant blogs and online stores. The second week will be Steampunk, the third week will be Gothic Victorian, the fourth week will be Lolita, and each will cover the same information as the first week. The fifth week of this project will be spent adding pages to all topics including compiling lists of music and literature relevant to those engaging in one of these alternative lifestyles, as well as expanding on the existing information. I would prefer to organize my project this way because it feels more organized than creating all pages at once. I expect that this will help to keep my wiki organized, which will be visually appealing as well as more inviting to any audience.

While searching the internet, I have only found a - Steampunk wiki covering all things Steampunk. I have not yet found a wiki for Gothic Victorian, Lolita, or Mori fashion or lifestyles. I will be looking in the Links section of the Steampunk wiki I have found and borrow any I feel would be relevant to my wiki. I will also link back to the Steampunk wiki. I will do a few things differently than this Steampunk wiki, for example I will not be focusing on modern media, such as television shows, games, comics, or any other such things, at least not for the purposes of this project.

I expect to organize my wiki by topic. The home page will provide a link to each starting page, such as Mori, Steampunk, Gothic Victorian, and Lolita. Each starting page will lead to the other pages within those categories. This means, for example, that the Steampunk page will link to a Steampunk Accessories page, the Lolita page will link to Lolita Accessories, and so on. I also intend to organize each page with headings, titles, and bullet points.

I will write about the various fashion styles, including information on tops, jackets, skirts, pants, pajamas, jewelry, hats, and other accessories such as parasols and fans. I will also provide images to help give more information, as well as links to outside resources where readers can go for more information.

With this project, I intend to achieve a compilation of at least basic information on these subjects, providing information for others or myself to expand upon or use. Since I have only found a Steampunk wiki and not yet found wikis for Mori, Gothic Victorian, or Lolita fashion, I hope to grow my wiki, even beyond this project, to provide that information for others who are interested.

I envision my project report being a blog post about my wiki project, as this will help to keep my wiki focused on the information provided rather than class assignments. This will cover what I have accomplished and what I have learned, either via input from others or my own wiki experimentation. In this project report I will provide one or two images from each aesthetic as examples to show the differences between the fashion styles and to help provide context for the information given. I will explain what I set out to accomplish and discuss any changes I may have made to the project along the way. I will also talk about what I will have learned through this wiki project.

Weekly Reports

I will provide weekly reports on my blog, at

Contract for Grade

I intend to create and develop wiki pages a minimum of three times per week. By sticking to this plan, I expect that my wiki will grow to a minimum of fifteen pages, though I hope to achieve more. This is not including whether others decide to add pages.
I am going for 150 points (B) to allow for time limitations and other unforeseeable circumstances that may prevent me from reaching my goals for this project. However, provided that nothing gets between me and my wiki, I should hope to have a well-developed and focused wiki that is richly linked and well-organized beyond the 150 point mark.

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