Project Proposal

Abi Tarutis


The Guide to Young Life in Brazil

Executive Description

My blog will examine the cultural aspects of Brazil through the eyes of a 16 year old foreign exchange student.
I plan to, retrospectively, examine my adolescent experience of life in 3rd world Brazil.


I haven't yet examined my experience of exchange and I want to.

I will be using my original blogspot for my project. Slag Off

I would like to intellegently explore this by doing reseach. I plan to do my research through various perspectives and using
links to articles. Some of the articles I will use will be from Google Scholar and others that I will randomly search for on google. Random news articles will be from prestigeous news organization such as the BBC. I will then link to these articles to their source and summarize them in my blog post. This blog post will also contain my personal perspective of the situation and how it effected my stay in Brazil. My personal little side note on what was going on at that time.

Some of the perspectives that I will post about will be political, religious, environmental, and cultural. An idea that I have to discuss the politcal perspective is to talk about the election that was going on while I was there and the street riots and parades that it conjured. Religion
seeped itself into every action of the families with whom I stayed. It brought itself apparent before every
meal and every soccer game. Enviromentally I will examine their rivers, land resources, and immense poverty.
Culturally, I will examine the Brazilian's obsession with beauty, their family units, the way they treat strangers,
the way they treat woman, and their 'americanization'. The cultural aspects are what I am mostly interested
in and plan to research the most. I want to explore the way Brazilians live, what they live for
and compare it to my own experiences.

I want to combine my reseach of Brazil with my personal experience of it. I, as a 16 year old foreign exchange student, had to learn a lot.
I grew up learning the language of portuguese, keeping my wallet under my armpit, and learning another way of
life. I have a lot of pictures that I will intigrate into my research and I feel will contribute to my research. I really
feel that kids are kids where ever they go and it is important identify the kind of cultural shocks that I experienced.

It'll educate someone else about Brazil with a youthful approach and will be composed in a manner that is welcoming
of comments. It will also be clearly composed from my own perspective, but with a
researched twist.

Contracting Points

I will contract for 1000 points. 3 or 4 times a week I will post essays. These essays will describe a specific topic, firstly in
reseach, then from a personal perspective or story about how it effected me.
March 7th, 2007 I will have my first 3 or 4 posts on my blog.
March 28th, 2007 I will have posted at least 12 research/personal perspective essays.
April 25rd, 2007 I will have posted at least 22 research/personal perspective essays and have developed a better
understanding of my experiences in Brazil and will post an essay on the interesting developments in my research.
April 30th I will have posted at least 24 research/personal perspective essays. I will also have a ten minute presentation
about my project and the interesting observations I will make.

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