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The Darker Side

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Executive Description

This project will be to create a blog that shares posts about supernatural topics. The purpose of the blog will be to educate and entertain the reader on these particular topics.


I have always been interested in different kinds of things. One of my interests is things that have to do with the supernatural. I find it really interesting. I've always wanted to learn more about these different kinds of things. These things are obviously not proven facts but are still a topic that is talked about. There are multiple books and movies written about these kinds of things. I think the main reason for this is because they are interesting. There isn't really any restrictions. A lot of these things are myths and legends. Most are stories probably changed over many years. They aren't just for entertainment, though. Some do have historical value. There are even some classes on these topics.

In my project I will look at scholarly journals, websites, articles, documentaries, and other blogs to collect information. I plan to learn more about these topics. There are so many different things to write posts about. I will post multiple times a week about different topics having to do with the supernatural genre. It could be anything from ghosts to witches. These posts will not always be the same. Some might be a little more historical, including important information from the past. For example, the salem witch trials. While some posts might have more of an entertainment value.

I am choosing to create a new blog for this project. It will have different categories. These categories will include, historical, myth, legend, and folklore. I will probably go for a darker color as the theme. I specifically chose a blog for this project because I thought it would work best. I will have more options when creating and customizing it, which I think will compliment my topic. I will never make the statement that any of the information is fact but I hope this blog educates the reader on popular supernatural topics. It will mostly be for entertainment. If people have an interest in this particular topic they will find this blog entertaining.

At the end of my project, I will post my final report on the first blog I made for this class. In this post I will talk about how it was researching for these particular topics. I will talk about how it was posting multiple times a week on the blog and maintaining it. Also I will talk about the reader's interaction with the blog (if there is any.) At this point, I will also have decided if I like blogging this often and will share if I decide to keep my blog going.

Weekly Reports

I will post my weekly reports on the first blog I created for this class. Abbie's Blog

Contract For Grade

I will be contracting for 250 points. I will be posting 4-5 times a week. My posts will be 500-1000 words. Each post will have a new topic. These topics will be well researched. These posts will contain links to the online sources I used and also possibly to other relevant information on the web. The blog will be well focused and organized.
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