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======Project Title======
The Stories You Don't Hear
=====Links For Project=====
[[ Email]]
[[ Blog]]

=====Executive Description=====
Using my blog to host this project, I would like to take topics that I am passionate about and using extensive research and thought, come up with unique portrayals of these subjects that are maybe not well-known to the public. Blogging will work for this as it is very allowing of creative freedom, as well as the ability to link and share in a free and easy manner.

Via blog, I'd like to create a space where I can take topics that interest me and write out posts that not only illustrate the importance of the subjects, but also what makes them so interesting to begin with. These posts would be somewhat similar to my [[ Logan Paul]] post, but more focused and in-depth. Instead of glossing over the story, as in that piece, I would explore all angles of it and come to a conclusion to be drawn for the story, similar to investigative journalism. In doing so, I would also be able to bring in ideas from many different places and centralize them into one page, while also keeping the content original and unique. In doing this, I would:
- Continue to develop my already-existing blog
- Write roughly 3 well-researched and in-depth posts a week (targeting at least 1000+ words)
- Create a place for conversation about these topics

This would serve as a cabinet of curiosity of sorts, but also as a place to form and develop ideas about these things. Blogging gives me the freedom to make the writing and ideas my own, while also allowing me to use a medium that is effective for sharing what I have to say. While I would be the primary voice, the idea would be to create conversation and new lines of thinking on things that perhaps don't always receive the spotlight in the media. The goal is to take my interests and turn them into something that can be seen and shown, rather than just internalized.

=====Weekly Reports=====
Will be posted to my [[ blog]]

=====Contract For Grade=====
I will be contracting for 250 points, expanding upon the blog I already have set up. With lengthy posts that require a larger amount of thought and work on my end, I expect to learn how to better critically think about things while also improving on my writing skills on a consistent basis. In this, I'm hoping to share some stories that will be interesting not only to me, but to others as well, with goal being to engage others.

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