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For my project in the Weblogs and Wiki class I will be recording and posting on the changes that I will be making to my eating habits, as well as all of my physical activity that I do during the week. This will help me stick to a schedule and keep the same eating habits for an extended period of time.


I have always worked out and been somewhat physically fit, but this upcoming summers is going to be one of the most important summers of my life so far. So, having this blog will help me stick to what I am trying to accomplish and get into better physical shape.

I am going to start this blog off by looking around on different blogging sites for similar content that I can work with. I will first start with a blog post that lays out my plan for the upcoming blog posts, sort of like this wiki.

Once I have found some similar bloggers and posts, I will take some of their advice or recommendations and input that into my plan. This will help my blog stay more on track and not ramble as much. I will also track my diet using an app on my phone that allows me to keep track of the nutrients that I take in during the day.

Some things I could blog about would include: different healthy recipes and how they taste, different workouts and how my body feels after each one, overall feeling throughout the process of the assignment and eventually near the end, the results. My blog posts will be very informal. I will be posting nightly, outlining my diet and exercise for the day.

Each blog post will be located on my blog, which is linked above, and will be under the "Fitness Tracker" section on the bottom of my home page.

My goal for this series of blog posts is to not only benefit and better myself physically and mentally, but to also serve as a guide for others who wish to make these types of changes to their lifestyles.


For the assignment, I plan on making daily blog posts in the evening about what I ate during the day and how it went. On top of that, I will make 1 weekly post on Monday's that will be longer than the daily posts, which will help summarize how the week went.


I will be going for 150 points, but hopefully I end up doing better. I am hoping to update and post on my blog daily, looking back on my day and what I did diet and exercise wise. These posts will have links to pictures and other blogs that I found online, and related too in my post. I am hoping that once a week, probably on Sunday's, I will make a post that is over 500 words. This post will be about the week as a whole, and not just the one day.
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