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Preparing for Wikis

Readings and activities for WeblogsAndWikis, S 2014

Post this week not an essay or conclusions but extracts, quotes, notes, questions for exploring further, frameworks for considering matters further.

Part I

First, a few primers to get a sense of what wikis are and how they work. (The practice at a university is to use Wikipedia to get up to speed on a topic, as you would use a general encyclopedia, but not use the material as a source unless you're writing about Wikipedia itself). Instead, use a more focused source of - Portland Pattern Repository's Wiki.

Part II

Next, some readings on wikis - that is, some wiki pages about wikis. With these you can begin to develop questions and frameworks for more consideration.

Wiki pages are always in draft and under refactoring, so they may not be laid out and organized as you would expect in print. Wiki pages are occasionally experimental, and are exploring new not-yet-formed conventions of layout and composing. This part of the activities gives you a chance to get used to that and read through it.

As you read these pages, which includes following links, make notes on how the pages are organized, what state they seem to be in; watch for uses of DocumentMode and ThreadMode, and for calls of RefactoringPages. Watch, that is, for what the writers are doing.

A look at cooperating in a writing space, and a how wikis address multiple perspectives.

Wikis will likely challenge your ideas of cooperation and ownership, so we can seed the discussion with these two

A few pages on our wiki

Part III Some Wiki Spaces

Wikis are social spaces and so wiki users develop style guides and local conventions to guide their users. Visiting a wiki for the first time is like visiting a new place. Be prepared to consult the StyleGuide to get your bearings.

Investigate these pages as a first-time visitor - which you are. Read (not skim, read) the material on welcome pages, users's guide or style guides. You'll be able to edit some pages on some wikis, on others, not. Watch for tabs or buttons labeled Talk, Recent Changes, and Info. But the idea is to stay focused on how the wiki is designed, how to find things, some of the community conventions.

As a final focus, compare a few style guides

Below the DoubleLine

setting up a new wiki and building communities: Building community - Wiki Spot

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network theory
cooperative and collaborative work
persistence of content
development of content

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