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Personal wikis come in two flavors: wiki applications that run on a personal computer, and semi-public wikis used as personal notebooks or writing spaces.

The personal wiki is maintained by one person for personal or professional use, sort of like a static website, but it is used as a writing space as much as a presentation space. Similar to a personal or professional blog, but with a wiki. The value of the wiki in this situation is that it allows a hypertextual, associative, on-the-fly organization and re-organization of information. What makes it personal is that it is maintained and developed by individuals for individual ends.

See WikiAsAWritingSpace

Of the former
Of the latter

Uses of Wiki's for personal needs

For the list of fifteen productive uses of wiki's click here that I will be referring to.

If you are in charge of an operation manual, that is constantly changing, it doesn't make sense to have a hard paper copy. Rules and regulations constantly change or need to be updated in work fields. By having an operational manual on a wiki, those changes can easily be made as needed without paper waste and anyone can view it at any time.

Wikis have a place for everything. They can save clientele information so you won't forget the easiest way to seal a deal, or commonly asked questions about a product can all be saved on a wiki and added to when needed.

Wikis are ideal for setting up lists. Need a to do list, reference page, or a place to manage group work? All can be saved on a wiki to help meet an individual's needs while working on a project. They are easily accessible online and information can be added as needed for personal uses.

Interesting idea SarahDahlheimer. Wikis are turning out to be the Machete Elastic Wonder, 1001 uses, we just need to discover those uses.

The wiki I found was on Wikipedia

I think that is more community focused due to the amount of "how to use" information.

This wiki basically informs the reader on how to create and use a personal wiki. The wiki includes many links to other terms defined in the site. Also it links to these few outer sites.
^ ZuluPad
^ Gus Mueller Interview
^ 2003 Innovations award

jbolden created the site in may 2006 and since then it has been revised with the latest change being February 17, 2008. In order to revise this site you do need to be registered. There aren't any commercial contributors. This is a one page wiki but does contain many links to other categories in the overall Wikipedia site. The site is very active with a ton of contributors. I didn't see anything that refers to a style guide.

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