Factors for the Success of Wikis


To use the wiki in the workplace it requires careful organization. It's good to adapt the viewpoint that WikisNeedGardening .
It's also important to have organization in the workplace when using wikis.

  1. Wiki Structure and Processes
  2. Culture of Empowerment
  3. Wiki Software
-The organization component is up to 50% reponsible for the success of a Wiki introduction.
How to fix this problem
  1. Task Definition
    • Why is it being introduced?
    • Which tasks are there that the employees should perform using the Wiki?
    • Think Big. Start small. Act Now. (Sensible recommendation)
  2. Strong backing from the top
    • Support "from the top" of the system
    • often, wikis become successful in individual departments but w/o support of management it's unlikely it will grow to company wide use
    • management needs to make available the neccessary resources and financial means
  3. Responsibility for the Wiki
    • the necessary time resources to work with the Wiki
    • Need a WikiGardener to install new plugins, content integration, provides support, etc.
    • the WikiGardener may have to put more work. Might have to be a separate payed position within the company.
  4. Organizational Expansion
    • Propoganda lays cornerstone for establishing additional, smaller pilot projects w/in individual company dep. areas.
    • Will show how valuable wikis can be for daily work
    • Will ensure that people in company get excited about the ideas of using wikis
  5. Separating the Wiki from other systems
    • replace e-mail and paper docs with a controlled and transparent wikis process
    • use the wiki if it's possible to do so
    • Identify when to use wiki or use e-mail/other systems. Have protocol set in place to use the separate systems.

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