On First Entering a Page

A tiny guide for the timid. WikiWallFlowers

I'm here on a Wiki. Now what?

If you are new to the world of Wikis, then take a breath; things are about to get a little weird (hopefully in a positive way).

First, read the Wiki page to get a feel for what is happening. Often, Wikis might look like a draft or a mess. Don't be discouraged. YOU can bring order to it by becoming a WikiParticipant and not just a WikiLurker.

Second, find somewhere on the Wiki where you find yourself confused. Chances are if you are confused, then somebody else it too. Take away that confusion! Wikis are supposed to be informative, simple, and quickly read and digested. Try adding links or other information that backs up what the Wiki is stating. Reorganize the information on the page to bring the similarities, argument, or differing points into focus.

Use the content already featured on the Wiki as source material for ReFactoring. Quote the material worth quoting. Block quote using a tab. Summarize less notable stuff. Move other stuff below the double line.

Add content to a page. What? Yes, YOU can add your thoughts into a Wiki and make millions of internet users see the evidence that your provide. You can write in response to the the current content or in response to another entry point, such as an external source. Add your own interpretation to the cluster and then look for commonalities and distinctions.

Copy-edit, technical edit, or proof.

Create WikiWords where the content wants to branch out to. Create WikiWords for alternative takes on the topic at hand.

Add an image. Edit this page and grab the code below. Or go to the home page and see how it's done there.

Use Left Float or Right Float from the formatting bar to place the image on the page.

Search for external sources that may be useful now or later.

Take advantage of the intellect we have gained by being students who grew up during this technological revolution. We inherently understand the collaboration, discussion, linking, and ever-changing cycle of the internet. Become a part of it. Wikis are one of the many ways that we can document this moment in time.

Strive to become a part of the Wiki community. The Wiki community thrives on newcomers, return users, and people dedicated to informing the masses about what they are passionate about.

See also: WikiLurker; WikiTroll; StyleGuide; WikiForNewbies; LostUntilYoureNot

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