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The following are notes takes while reading Wikis about Wikis.

=== at ===
- [[ | Welcome Visitors]] follow [[ | StartingPoints]]
-WikiWikiWeb this we talked about and looked at in class

- [[ | Welcome To Wiki Please Be Polite]].
-This is more info on WikiWikiWeb that we looked at in class

=== at MeatballWiki ===
- [[ | MeatballWiki]] follow [[ | MeatballMission]]
[W]e are PublicArt. We strive to be beautiful. We want to shimmer and make people smile, and we want to do this by attracting
and showcasing life.
-A community of people that teach themselves and others about organizational tools online

- [[ | StartingPoints]]
-A page that has some more information about how the Wiki works and they trpes of things it can be used for.

- [[ | MeatballForWikipedians]]
-Describes how this particular Wiki relates back to and differs from Wikipedia.
A look at co-operating in a writing space, and how wikis address multiple perspectives.

- [[ | Why Wiki Works]] at c2.
-Also from WikiWikiWeb; more information about how convenient and helpful Wikis have the potential to be.

- [[ | Why Wiki Works Not]]
-Contradictinly, the negitives of Wiki usage

- and [[ | WhyWikiWorks ]] at MeatballWiki
- Looks deeper into why Wikis are so usefull and also addresses some of the concerns people may have about using them. Ex. Vandalism and Plagiarism.

====Pages on our wiki====
- GettingTheWikiAttitude
- CollaborationConventions
- CollaborateRadically
- WritingOnAWiki
- TheTeaRoom
- TheCollective
- TheCollectiveNotebook

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