Today’s class focused on the background of wiki’s. We started with a ruff history of wikis and how they started in ’95.
From there, Mr. Morgan went over the main concepts of wiki’s.

A wiki can be considered many things.

It allows for a community to share their ideas in a common place.
This causes a wiki to be considered somewhat of a challenge to the idea of authority and places the idea that everyone is the author as one of its main points.
We then went over some of the conventions for writing on a wiki. We discuss the ideas in the StyleGuide and CollaborationConventions pages.
One of the clear points was that we need to keep in mind that there is NO SINGLE AUTHOR to a wiki page.
We need to feel free to fix errors in other people's writing, as that is what a wiki is for.
Aside from the good points to using wikis, we also went over good and bad uses of wikis.


What is a wiki?
Wiki's challenge authority because there is no real author of it.
Wiki community is all those who can edit it.
History of a page tracked through "Page History".
Wiki's StyleGuide shows how it should be used. These can be unique for each page.
Pages tend to start as discussions and move towards becoming a document.
There is also a Collaboration Conventions page. Wikis make it clear that there is no sole author of something.

Bad uses: Good uses:
Wiki's can be both personal and collaborative.
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