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====Readings For the Final Project====
==In no particular order and not always in their entirety==
This list may be added to as the project unfolds
- [[||"The Labyrinth Unbound" by Steve Himmer]]
- [[||Jill Walker Rettberg]] - I plan on reading Rettberg's book, //Seeing Ourselves Through Technology//, and also reading through a variety of posts published on her site and on social media. I will keep a running list as I explore them.
- [[|| "Blogging Practices: An Analytical Framework" by Jan Schmitt.]]
- [[||Jakob Neilson's article about participation inequality in social media]]
- [[||The Wiki Way page from]]
- [[|| The Wikis As A Culture page from]]
- [[||Lilia Efimova writes about Weblogs as Personal Thinking Spaces]]
- [[||Goffman - about "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life"]]
- [[||Danah Boyd, "Am I A Blogger?"]]
- [[||Mortensen's piece about publication]]
- [[||Lampa's Blogosphere article]]
- [[||Rebecca Blood's History of Weblogs]]
- [[||"What Made Coffee Culture go Boom" - Citylab]]
- [[||From NPR - How Cafe Culture Made Big Ideas Happen]]
- [[||Coffeehouse Culture by Coffee]]
- [[||Millenials and Coffeehouse Culture]]
- [[|| You, yet not you from Will's Blog]]
- *Possibly the cornerstone reading for the project - [[||"Fostering Enlightenment Coffeehouse Culture in the Present by Sofie McComb]]
- [[|| Social Networking in the 1600s]]
- [[||The Surprising History of London's coffeehouses]]
My notes on the readings about coffeehouses will be housed at CoffeeHousesBJR.
I followed a trail and found an interesting blogging community. From Danah Boyd's post, [[||Am I a Blogger]], I saw that she was a guest speaker at [[||Blog Her]], a female community of bloggers who are also part of another company called, [[|| She Knows Media]], another women run company whose focus is too foster community among women users and creators of digital media. They are focused on lifestyle topics.
Looking at Wikipedia - Psychogeography and Situationist theory.
Situationist theory claims people will construct situations in order to chase after passions and authentic desires thus freeing themselves from the mundane routines of everyday life -- This makes me think of the comment in Rettberg's piece about aestheticising and anesthetizing our lives.
Definitely return to read more about Derive, psychogeography -

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