Readings For the Final Project

In no particular order and not always in their entirety
This list may be added to as the project unfolds My notes on the readings about coffeehouses will be housed at CoffeeHousesBJR.

I followed a trail and found an interesting blogging community. From Danah Boyd's post, |Am I a Blogger, I saw that she was a guest speaker at |Blog Her, a female community of bloggers who are also part of another company called, | She Knows Media, another women run company whose focus is too foster community among women users and creators of digital media. They are focused on lifestyle topics.

Looking at Wikipedia - Psychogeography and Situationist theory.
Situationist theory claims people will construct situations in order to chase after passions and authentic desires thus freeing themselves from the mundane routines of everyday life -- This makes me think of the comment in Rettberg's piece about aestheticising and anesthetizing our lives.
Definitely return to read more about Derive, psychogeography -

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