Title of project


Executive description

I already have 2 podcasts up and running, but I haven't been updating regularly. I will update and organize my existing podcasts, one about bagpiping, and one about Ojibwe language. My podcasts have been woefully unorganized, I will experiment with different strategies to improve the quality of my podcast for the enjoyment of my listeners.


On my Bagpipe podcast I will air samples of my own Bagpiping, and other pipers I encounter, and also play various other artists I discover through myspace. I will discuss what is on my mind much like a personal blog, but often times reference back to Bagpiping, or a music clip. A backbone of the show has been Scotch, so I will try to sample and react to different scotch's occasionally. I will have useful shownotes describing what can be heard, and links to anything else discussed.
My Ojibwe Podcast needs the most overhauling, I intend to re-organize the show, as suggested by a listener:

Maybe if you use the first ten minutes of the podcast for the really basic conversation stuff, then a middle part for some useful conjugation info, etc for the intermediate student, and then a story for the advanced, then we all know what to expect

I will divide the show in segments similar to what the listener suggested. With introductory phrases in the beginning, possibly a flute or drum segment, and some general rambling, followed up with a more advanced segment discussing rules for more fluent speakers, and then hopefully close with an Ojibwe story, and discussion of it. I'm not sure If I'll do all of these things for every episode, but I will certainly be working towards having a educational segment in each episode, discussing pronounciation, or grammar rules.

Podcasting is like blogging, but with the added hastle of audio editing, and recorded performance. I intend to post a new episode in one of the two podcasts every week. While maintaining the podcasts I will be growing my links roll for related podcasts, and blogs, and networks.

Contract for Grade

I am contracting for 750 points, I'd like to post an episode once a week.


State specifically as possible where you will be at check in times. Again, think in terms of numbers and frequency and state explicitly what you plan to have by each point.

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