Notes on First Three Readings

After watching the video "Wikis" my understanding of wikis and how they work really came together after class this week. Wikis are basically websites that are open for the readers to make changes or edits to that allow groups to communicate or plan things. The camping scenario gave some pretty clear and simple uses for wikis. The same planning process can be used really for any group to gather information or come up with plans.

Wikipedia has been ranked in the top ten "widely viewed sites" in the worlds since 2007, and is a lot different than it seems on the surface. Instead of just being one single wiki, it contains thousands of other wikis, and the English Wikipedia has over 5 million different articles. Almost every article is open for input and editing by the readers, if they have permission. This ability to edit the pages has often left Wikipedia as an unreliable source for academic papers, but secondary sources can help verify the validity of the wikis contents.

Wikis are not all the same, in fact, they are all completely different. This is because the readers have the ability to make changes and add their own information on they Wikis they belong to. It is very easy for the readers to make edits as well. The simplicity lies with the fact that Wikis do not use HTML. Instead the the wiki provides an edit page, that requires nothing but typing. No complicated code, and no in depth understanding of how coding works is required. They also allow easy navigation between pages. All the reader has to do is click on the links on the page and they are brought to the next wiki page. They can then repeat that until the readers find themselves on the page they desire.While it is true that people can use Wikis to spread false information, the ability for all users to edit pages often keeps the pages true and filled with correct information. Wikipedia is a very good example of this.

Wiki Readings

The first wiki is laid out almost the same as a Wikipedia article would be. The main difference is that this wiki is missing a side bar, and the general organization is off. It is similar in the fact that the blue links, when clicked, link to other Wiki pages. It was however very easy to navigate the page and didn't feel as jumbled.

The Meatballwiki was the same as the first, but this one felt a bit more jumbled and condensed. One good thing about it, however, was the comment/discussion section on the bottom of the page. I felt like this addition would help some readers easily be able to post their comments and responses to the wiki. On the very bottom of the page was the search bar, and that location to me was not a very good one, I almost missed it.
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