Morgan's Notes on Farmer and Burgess

Relating technology to authentic learning. Appropriate uses of blogs in teaching and learning.

Concepts from Farmer
Discussion board v other means of creating and main training a community of learners/learning. 93
Online ed can do little more than deliver content and give instructions. Teacher's capability of intervening is minimal. Little opportunity to engage a ped other than banking model 94

Change the means of communication
Farmer leaves wikis out of the mix 95. He's missed the value of wikis for distributed conversation on this one.

Mainly turning to focus not on the space where the communication takes place but instead focus on the individuals taking part in the discussion.
Centered rather than centralized communication.

Still have problem of exchange that is reflective, critical, purposeful. 96.
Blogs have developed a kind of discourse between the conversational and the article. But provide little control.
Incorporated subversion 98

Uses of blog w/in ed
Alternatives made possible by distributed nature of blogs, by aggregated reading, and aggregated means of communication.

Content is integral to each blog's production through links, commentary, 100
Content is no longer what's in the book or online or offered by teacher. It,s now part of what learners provide.

Chap 10

Conceptualizing Students as critical, collaborative, and creative participants in the social construction of knowledge. 105. Active partners with their peers.
- that's assigning a role they may not want.

Blogging literacies
Learning this way requires a shift to producerly. Significant change to most. 108

The challenges are
- activity: p 109, visit a number of academic and pro artist blogs and look at the possibilities there.

The Brooks mentioned on p 109 is Kevin Brooks.

From textual production to Social practice
Big Note: Downes: blogging isn't first and foremost about writing but about reading, thinking, and engagement with communities of practice. 109.

Blogging is social, not only textual.

Lessons learned

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