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=====++Rant++ Evolving Wiki Notes=====
100 Tweets on a Wiki

- are the most disruptive of the writing technologies we look at in W&Wikis. More than 140 Twitter Far more than Facebook or MySpace
- change the sense of writing, which has been staid if not static since 1460 something. 1800's - 1913 was the worst of times, and we haven't recovered yet.
- change the interaction of writer and reader,
- change the demands of reading and writing
- undercut author-ity of authorship and editorship
- demand of ReaderWriters an agility with hypertext and linking in the way that other modes of writing demand agility with the sentence (including punctuation) and the rhetorical figure
- demand of ReaderWriters an agility with collaborative moves and collaborative styles: Style means writing to involve others as authorized others rather than patronized listeners
- We need a wiki manifesto. [[ BLAST]] the typographic. BLAST the page.
- are minimalist and baroque at the same time: WhiteStipes and PinkFloyd
- are not Wikipedia, even though that's good one. But they aren't.
- are the centerpoint of the mashup and mixup. And the center cannot hold.
- arrive without pre-exiting structure. Think erector set, but more organic. Cut ups. Pressed flowers

[[ Notes Towards a Rhetoric of WIkis]]

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