Modes of Composition

Ok, there's a pun involved.

This page will be an OV of the modes of comp in wiki: thread, document, refactoring, and other modes such as DialogueMode, DialecticMode... another version of StyleGuide.

Wiki documents evolve: they move between DocumentMode and ThreadMode, and - possibly later - return to/be revised to DocumentMode in a new iteration.

The modes aren't pigeon-holes. They are more like resting places or touchpoints on a spectrum, or WikiPlacesOfInvention Related to genres, but on a wiki used for invention, to get all the writers on the same page. We encourage CreateAMode, to suit the WikiSituation.

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for the root of Meatball's consideration of modes
* Wiki:ThreadMode - Add, Edit, Split, Capture. "It is the beginning of a process of distilling experience that culminates in patterns."
* Wiki:DocumentMode - " when a Wiki contribution is written in the third person and left unsigned. The piece of text is community property; it may have multiple and changing authors as it is updated to reflect the community consensus. "
* MeatBall?:DocumentMode
* MeatBall?:ThreadMode

Wiki_Wiki looks at the shuttling between modes as a means for the document - if not the community - to evolve. A contributer suggests, in Wiki:OpeningStatement, that the document and community maintains whn "a relatively well-ordered cycle structure of creation" is maintained.

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