Think back to how you looked at these matters at the beginning of this course.
Since the time when you wrote those entries,
How are you spending your time on your projects? I would say I work in rushes of days, putting in a ton of work at once, over a weekend flowing into monday and tuesday. With recording of musical pieces happening steadily several times durring the week. I would honestly say, between recording audio, researching new music, sound editing, show notes, processing feedback, and posting I do about 16 hours of work a week on the podcasts.


What's going well? What's going better than expected?

I'm always surprised on the feedback I get for the Ojibwe podcast despite it's few listeners, and the lack of feedback from the Bagpipe Podcast despite having over 100 listeners.

What's going not so well? What unexpected problems have you encountered?

I'm finally running out of storage space on my Bagpipe podcast, and I am at a stressfull decision of updating my status with PODOMATIC or deleting old episodes that I'm still hosting on the website.

What are you going to do next? I'm excited about reformating the Ojibwe Podcast, and anxious to edit new music for the bagpipe show.

writing spaces

Podcasting makes me think about the things I say more thoroughly, and greatly improved my confidence. My presence in a global community has broadened and improved my music tastes.
I find myself editing and re-editing my posts, and writing, but I have also come to understand there is a point where you have to just go with it, and post otherwise nothing will ever get done, because I'll always be doubting it.


realm of usefulness

As you see it now, how might you use a blog or wiki to support what kind of writing?

generative questions

You're now approaching a level of expertise that allow you to address these questions with some authority. So

and so

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