getting started

Think back to how you looked at these matters at the beginning of this course.
When I began this class I had no idea what a blog or a wiki was. The blog was really easy for me to set up and to play with once I was in. The wiki page still confuses me, but I understand that it is collabrative and in a way makes sense. I think it that the blog is fun because I can tweak it any way I like and that it automatically archives older posts.

Since the time when you wrote those entries, I thought it would be much harder to keep up weekly with my blog, but late night seems to work for me and I have not had many problems staying on top of keeping it updated. It has forced me to make the time and I think that each entry gets better. I think that in order to have a blog it needs to be updated on a regular basis which draws others to read and see what new/exciting things I have to say. I was not a part of the computer generation in school and this technology is new to me. I am amazed at how many people have blogs or wikis and how many there are and all the different subjects/projects that go along with them.
I think that once I figured out the blog page that nothing has really changed for me/

How are you spending your time on your projects? I try to get in at least 30 minutes to an hour every other day. This time is also spent uploading projects into my computer that I have already made so that I can display an example of a technique. I try to get on to add every other day. Sometimes this doesn't fit into my schedule and I will post as many as I can before my toddler demands my full attention again. I am trying to work at least 30 minutes each time if not longer. I am looking for articles, uploading images, or looking for more sites to add to my blog roll so I can later go back and comment on them.


What's going well? What's going better than expected?

I wasn't sure what to expect when this project started. I have not had much of a problem following my calendar, if I can't post for a few days, I find the time late at night to get it done.

What's going not so well? What unexpected problems have you encountered? No problems so far...

writing spaces

Has keeping a blog/writing in a wiki changed your writing habits, and if so how?
I tend to write at home late at night or early in the morning. I am not big on writing a lot of drafts so I usually post and then when I have time I go back and check to see if something needs to be edited. I have an intermediate writing class this semester as well and I have done several essays on stamping and the posts I have made just seem to flow for the most part. Since I am a demonstrator for the company stampin' up!, I tend to write my posts as if I am talking to a group learning a new technique at a stamping party.
Not really...
When I am critiquing another blog site, wiki or webpage, I try really hard to leave positive comments. I am very wary of analyzing someone elses page without fully understanding what their intent for the page is.


realm of usefulness

As you see it now, how might you use a blog or wiki to support what kind of writing? I think that most blogs fall under personal notebooks, and general online presense. The rest seem to fall under the wiki category. Research and academic writing can also be collaborative as well as essays, poetry and fiction. The wiki page can be edited by more than one. I think this adds something because it ends up being more informational.

generative questions

You're now approaching a level of expertise that allow you to address these questions with some authority. So

A blog is a website that can be used as a personal journal or an informational page. It is different from other writing spaces because it can include a variety of things and or subjects.

A wiki is a page that most anyone can edit or add their own input to. It is different from a paper or blog because it usually has more than one author.

I think that it enables more people to see what you are writing about whereas a paper can have one or two people for the audience.
It is there and cannot be destroyed by fire or throwing it away.
I think a pencil and paper can provide more of a specific audience and gives a writer more ananmyity. When writing in a blog or wiki, you are speaking to an audience and it seems more personal.

and so

I am finding with my blog that it is forcing me to make the time for something that I love to do and not keep putting it off for that rainy day. I am the queen of procrastination... I don't feel like I am loosing anything, I feel like I am gaining more.

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