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======Melissa McNeill's Wiki Page======

I am a Junior here at Bemidji State, I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology. I'm always trying to find the fun in any situation when it comes to life. Trying to end my college career on the best note possible. I get to graduate in spring of 2017! I have a kitten named Koda, he is just the best little fur ball a girl could ask for.

=====Shows I'm Watching=====
- Adventure Time
- Clarence
- Law & Order: SVU
- Friday Night Lights
- The Office
- Parks & Rec

=====Links I Like=====
- [[ Place For Thoughts]]
- [[ Twitter]]
- [[ Weblogs & Wikis]]
- [[ Daybook]]
- [[ Facebook]]

=====Contact Me=====
- [[]]
- Comment on [[ blog]]
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