This may come as a shock, but writers are people, too. Stephen King doesn't spend his every waking moment inventing new methods of scaring your pants off. The man's got a life outside of his typewriter or hard drive or notebooks. And blogging is an attractive way to introduce your constant readers (as King lovingly refers to his audience, even within his novels) to your personality. You think people aren't interested to know what Mr. King had been watching on television? Think again. His website has a page called "Stephen's Picks," which includes the books, TV shows, and movies that he's been checking out. Other writers write about their families, respond to the goings on in the world, or just share what they've been up to. Loyal fans eat it up, because we all want to feel like we're pals with our heroes. Casual browsers may be impressed by the writer's journal or blog, and be inclined then to investigate their work.

Here are some different examples of Author's blogs that are more about what the author is interested in, or has been doing, than what they're writing.
Will Clark

Wlliam Gibson
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