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== OpenWeb MashUp by [[ leighblackall]] and [[ hummanna]]==
And I got the whole thing by way of [[ Brian Lamb]] (with comments on CC and Non-Commercial)

[[ The photo]]
{{image url=""}}

[[ The photo page]]

[[ The photographer]]
Hello there. I do sell photographs, but more importantly I support other artists and if you want to use a photo for a project (in which you aren´t making money) I would be happy to collaborate. I´ve edited my photo licenses to a Creative Commons for this reason. If you can make a little, possibly you can share a little. If you can´t but you still want to make the world beautiful, I will do what I can to help. I don´t appreciate requests for free photos on projects that someone else is profiting off of alone. Feel free to contact me with questions or doubts. I love to collaborate and see my images played with and published and so if you´re super poor, I´m sure we can figure out some sort of exchange. [...]

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