Get used to being lost and not knowing what you're doing most of the time.

To invite others to participate in your wiki, your homepage should be welcoming others. If your wiki requires a password for others to create and edit pages, you should let others know how to contact you in order to learn the password.

When first joining an existing wiki, perhaps the first thing one must realize is that a wiki is an online community. Therefore, the polite thing to do would be to introduce oneself to said community.

The creation and future ongoing editing of a personal page is one way to let other wiki users and outside readers know who you are, your purpose for participating on the wiki, and anything else you wish to add to your personal page. Keep the potential audience in mind when deciding what to put on your personal page. Logically, you should be more wary of posting identifying information on a public wiki than you would on an "invite only" wiki.

A great approach to GettingStarted on a wiki would be to learn how to use the wiki. This includes everything from editing pages and entering code to wiki etiquette. When it comes to the technical aspects, you may want to spend some time practicing editing pages in a SandBox. Play around with headings, font effects such as bolding or italicizing, creating bulletpoint lists, and adding links and pictures to a page.


Once you have some sort of almost-idea of the Wiki and the WikiPurpose, try to find a WikiNewbie Page or a page OnFirstEnteringAPage. Also, FormattingRules change from wiki to wiki, so learning our wikis guidelines is helpful helpful helpful! It would also be useful to have a look around at pages that other wiki users have added, so as not to be out of the communication loop.

After you've done such reading, the fastest way to transition from "Semi-Lost" to "Not Lost" is to simply jump in and start adding and refactoring material. Unless it has been stated otherwise, any page is fair game, and you are welcome to create your own by using WikiWords. The only rules are whatever WikiSocialNorms have been outlined by the users, and these are usually very loose guidelines such as "don't be totally rude/disrespectful" or "try to stay sort of on topic." Other than that, do whatever you want! Add whatever content you believe is relevant. and feel free to edit other people's pages. Don't just complain about a page being full of typos or incorrect information. On a wiki you have the power to fix those things.

Not Lost

Now that you have begun to add and change things on the wiki, you have moved towards Not Lost.
To become a WikiPro you simply need to practice- change stuff for fun or look at the changes other people are making.

Fully Competent

Once you feel comfortable clicking on anything and redoing/undoing/fonduing anything, you are fully competent...whatever that means. We all feel like WikiNoobs once in a while- it's hard to learn everything.

Now you can guide others' through the LostUntilYoureNot transition.

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