List of Uses of Weblogs

Bruns, in the last chapter of The Uses of Weblogs, looks back over the uses they have addressed. Blogging, even in 2006, could not be meaningfully seen as a unified process or phenomenon (249). As an act, a process, a genre of writing, a use of writing, or a technology - no matter how you view it, blogging seems to be too diffuse, too varied, to make meaningful statements about it.

Bruns takes a shot at it, however, when he observes that what holds blogs together as a type are
  1. the technical ability to link to and to comment, and
  2. the commonality of "individual and informal expression and ungatekept publication" (250).

We can also see that blogs, as genre or as a technology, are shaped by social needs (250). Blogs don't arrive fully formed and pure from nowhere, but, like all language use, are shape to suit practical use, and develop conventions from that use.

Blogs are grounded in the everyday dirt of the world, I guess you could say.

Handy list of uses

A starting point. This list give us an overview and reminder of what the authors in Uses of Blogs touch on. Add to it. Supplement it. Extend it. Then write a 2013 edition.

Topics and uses not addressed

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