Lack Of Editor

Or rather, you are the editor. JessicaHodgson

Not a lack but a responsibility.

Old school - Filter first then publish
New school - Publish first then filter

Google Clay Shirky on this.

MichelleHawkins on the change in writing on a blog:

Writing on a blog offers the author an opportunity otherwise unrecognized, the ability to instantly place their thoughts in the world at large. Authors are allowed to stylize their writing. Play with, tweek if you will, the punctuation and grammer of the past. Sentences can be short and concise or on going, representing a thought as it is processed. The parameter of writing is expanded by not only allowing for shortened words and instant publishing but by the abilty to use punctuation in 'wrong' places. The way writing is shaped and molded, how punctuation and grammer, affect how a reader perceives what they are reading. No longer are writers trapped into publishing the polished and perfect piece of writing.

Editors are placed to the side in blogging. They don't sit looking over the shoulder of the writer telling them that things have to be structured in a single or certain way. The freedom of the writer is expanding in ways that would make proper old Englishmen turn in their graves. Writers have found a form of expression that is unparalled in the freedom of thought construction and form.

Editing on a wiki is a slightly different story.

Quoth the skeptic
I am somewhat intolerant of misspellings in writing, grammatical errors, and use of profanity. Reading a blog with poorly formed sentences, lack of depth in content, and rambling is a waste of my time. I became tired of blogging about my cats--though I love them immensely. Similarly, I have become tired of reading trivia.

Here's the stock response

Ok, fine. Self-edited production is not for you. Move on.

TheAudience changes. The relationship between audience and reader changes with the LackOfEditor.

I enjoy the freedom of no editor.

In some cases blogger will edit your posts (dirty pictures and the like), so in that way there is a small amount of editing/censorship. But most of the time blogs can allow a person to make themselves look as foolish as possible. :)

Blogger also gives us the chance to edit or delete posts that have been published.

The lack of editor makes it possible for different styles to come through. I've seen blogs where there's a period between every word, and others that eliminate separation between words entirely. Others remove capital letters, and some use the toggle effect. There is a lot more freedom of grammar on blogs, particularly.

JessicaHodgson writes of the virtues of being one's own editor
When I first started blogging, I would transfer my posts into Word and do a grammar and spelling check on them. I was so scared of posting something that people would not respoect because of errors, so I wasted a lot of time mechanically checking things. This drove me crazy. I would write a really passionate post with a paragraph long sentence, but then I would edit it so it was easier to read. Yet, the run on showed how I was thinking. It expressed my lack of breathing and the necessity of regurgitating such information. So, I stopped. I write and publish now. Without myself or anyone else as an editor, I feel more free to write about what is inspiring me at the moment, no matter how I have to express it. This has also helped my writing. Now that I don't always read over and change things, I have learned to edit as I go, which is a much faster process and has greatly improved my typing and spelling skills.

The lack of an editor who is not myself is also nice. It speeds up the process of publication, and it also lets my ideas stay mine. I have a feeling that many editors would tell me not to post certain things, but that's what I want to do. The random blurbs about being as happy as a chicken show a little window into my crazy life, and I like that. Spelling mistakes show that I'm not perfect. Run on sentences show that I am passionate and don't have time to correctly state my point.

In conclusion, a lack of an editor has made writing more personal. It has also made punctuation faster which attributes to ImmediacyInBlogging.

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